Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Review: Green Barley...All-in-one solution!

Hello guys! As promised, here's another review.
I have not seen any blog post or review about this product as a beauty item so I decided to make one. I'm talking about Green Barley. This is an organic food drink that came directly from Utah and repackaged here in the Philippines so they can add flavorings (This tastes like fruit juice) to make the taste more palatable to consumers. This is advertised as a health drink because barley has a very high antioxidant content. I will try to enumerate some of the health benefits of this plant for you all.

Here's what the description in the bottle says...

Here's the ingredients list and also the approval seal of different organizations.

About the green barley plant....
Green barley is recognized by science as being the most nutritious of all plant foods, containing a broad spectrum of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids in high concentrations. It also contain enzymes especially the superoxide dismutase, a very powerful antioxidant.

It's calcium content is 11 times higher than cow's milk, iron is 5 times higher than in spinach, 7 times higher in vitamin C compared to oranges and has 2x the amount of beta carotene than carrots.

According to history, the Roman gladiators eat barley as a source of energy and strength. It was also stated in the Bible 37 times for medicinal and food purposes.

Green Barley is not considered as a food supplement like liver-aid or something because this is under “real food” category that is why it was BFAD approved. 

And since this is a real food this won't harm your liver and kidneys, unlike other supplements around the market which need to pass these organs for elimination purposes.

Drinking Green Barley can help in a lot of illnesses like cancer, high blood pressure, goiters, burns, low immune system, etc to name a few. You can search Google to find out more about the benefits and contents of green barley.

Now, after reading all that facts, you might be wondering why I said that this is also a beauty product. Right? Well, I thought, since this has antitoxin properties, why won't I try applying it on my skin to heal my acne? And there are some people who have tried using it as a toner and it worked for their acne too. So I did an experiment when I had broken out from a product I was testing. I got 3 huge zits at that time and what I did was I applied barley juice twice a day. 

I drink 30-50ml of barley juice first thing in the morning before eating anything (Green Barley is my family's source of vitamins), so I use the left over drops from my barley juice to apply on my skin. I let it dry before I wash my face and put my regular skincare regimen like moisturizer and sunblock. At night, I remove my makeup and wash my face then apply barley juice again on my clean skin and let it dry before sleeping.

After using this for 3 days, I noticed that my inflamed acne started subsiding already, yay! It's not as painful too so I continued using it. I don't apply other anti acne medicine on the acne because I want to test the power of Green Barley fully. And I'm so happy that it worked great on my skin. Now, whenever I feel like I'm gonna break out, I do this regimen and it instantly halts the eruption of acne on my skin ^_^


a good source of vitamins and antioxidants for the whole family. Even babies and pregnant women can drink this, it's just the dosage that will vary. Oh, this can be used on animals too!
It taste good. If you love the flavor of tropical fruits, then you'll love Green Barley juice.
It really helps in healing the body. My mom's myoma decreased in size after drinking one bottle a day for 2 months. She will have another ultrasound to check if it's gone now. My granpa who have colon cancer drank this for a month and his rectal bleeding stopped too. We easily recovers from flu too, so we don't take antibiotics anymore ^_^
This is multipurpose because you can apply it topically on wounds too. Faster healing for mouth sores (singaw) that usually last for more than a week heals within 2 days according to my brother.
Keeps my skin clear from painful acne. I think it works on pimples too coz whenever I apply this all over my skin, even my pimples disappear. And this is minus the burning and darkening that happens when you apply benzoyl peroxide as spot treatment.
Helps in my digestive tract. I always have a problem with constipation since I was a baby and I can now eliminate daily (after I started taking this) which is a miracle for me ^_^


A little expensive... a bottle which can make 250ml of barley juice costs Php275. It's pricey if you will drink a bottle of this everyday but if you just plan to take this as a supplement, you just need 50ml a day and a bottle will last you almost a week. What more if you just use this as a skin care product which you only need half a teaspoon to cover your whole face? It might take you more than a month to consume this hehe
If you don't like having sweet fruit juice on your face and sometimes feels a little sticky, then it's not for you.
So there, I hope I have given you all an organic alternative for all your health and beauty concerns. If you wanted to try this, I can help you get one. Just send me an email at and I'll be very much willing to sell you a bottle. My family always buy it by box coz it's cheaper that way since all of us at home drink this and we usually consume 1 bottle a day (there are 5 people in my family and each of us drink 50ml) so we always have stock at home.

Until next time! Hopefully I can make another post tomorrow. It's the last quarter of the year and our schedule at the office is quite hectic hehe. Bye!

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jehan said...

hi Gale! very nice post you have here...

Koreans on the other hand brew barley or just soak barley tea bags in boiling water. I used to drink some for my digestive problems but since they are said to affect breastmilk production, i stopped brewing/drinking when i was about 7months pregnant...

They also have a lite (for the taste) version for babies starting on solids. It's said that Koreans are not aware of the slight bitter taste of barley tea since they've been drinking it since they were really young. My mom in law doesn't drink water actually. she brews barley tea every two or three days. at age 73, she can still eat a lot or i should say "pig out" while as my 63 year old mom couldn't eat more than 3 to 5 tablespoons of rice every meal. i might let SooAe, my baby, drink barley tea when she turns 1 or 2, about the time she gets to eat a lot more kinds of food than what I give her now.

Ruzel said...

Hi Gale!! This has been very helpful to me, i have been waiting for a good review coz i haven't really read a good one that is as specific as this....My mom just started using the Green Barley tropical fruit, she says she is noticing a very good effect on her body and immune system, and i'm gonna try it too coz of my constipation and acne....Thanks again and God bless!

Toni Regala said...
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Elvie Fox said...

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