Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Review: Red Berries products

Hello everyone! I hope all of you are doing great. I'm gonna be busy later so I decided to post this now hehe...It's my mom's 50th birthday and I still need to do some grocery shopping and cooking before she got home from work.. We want to surprise her with a small party ^_^

Anyway, going to the review. The owner of Red Berries, Aura, contacted me and sent me some samples of their products to test and do a review. She asked me nicely to give her feedbacks about her new products and so I willingly tested these on my sensitive skin hehe ^_^

Here are the products that I got:

* Shea & carrot tonic, face cream, whitening drops, green body cream*Italic

I haven't tried the Shea & carrot soap and whitening drops yet so I won't be able to do a review on them.

I will start with the face cream. When I was sent this, this face cream still doesn't have a name but it is now called Skin Breakfast (morning pact).

LOVE IT because:

- It has a great scent. It smells like strawberry yogurt! Whenever I put this on my face, I can't help but smile because I smell yummy haha ^_^

- Gives enough moisture on my dry patch of skin (cheeks area) and the moisture is long lasting too

- It is said to have an anti-aging and brightening content so that's a big plus.

- It didn't broke me out and didn't cause any itchiness

- Gives a smooth base for my makeup

I DON'T LIKE THIS because:

- It's a cream formulation so it's not meant for oily skin..It made my skin a lot oilier.


- If you are oily, you can just use this at night to replenish the moisture content of our skin overnight.
- Place inside refrigerator to add some cooling effect upon application.

For more info about this product, click this.

The second product that I tested is labelled Green Body Cream. I'm not actually sure if they changed the name of this product or not because I got this before the actual launching.

As you can see, I have already used quite a lot of it. And my brother also use this because it doesn't trigger his allergy that is caused by strong scents because this body lotion is unscented.

I LOVE THIS because:

- It is very moisturizing.

- It has menthol and it gives a cool feel to the skin. I love to use this during hot weather to cool me off.

- It absorbs in the skin very fast. No heavy feel like with other body cream that I've tried before.

- Being unscented can be a plus for others.

I DON'T LIKE THIS because:

- It doesn't have spf in it. I love my body lotions to have sun protection.

- It doesn't smell anything. I love scented body lotions.

I will definitely try their other products too. I saw their website and they have a lot of promising products that I would love to try like the High 10 Whitening Serum and the Fountain of Youth Serum. I am also currently using the Emu Blue Peel Soap and that's on my to-review list.

Do check their website at RedBerries18.multiply.com. They have a lot of natural products at affordable prices. And the owner is so nice too so you won't have to worry about they service.

TIll my next review! Bye!

DISCLAIMER: These two productsI reviewed were, again, sent to me for free for testing and reviewing purposes. I am not representing the brand and this review is based on my own honest opinion about their products.


Zel Barbero said...

What are the effects of the face cream after you use it all up?

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Zel! I did noticed my skin became well moisturized and smooth...but I only used the sample I got so I can't tell you about the long term benefits of the face cream since I haven't gotten myself a full size because I am now testing other products too ^_^

Ashley Madison said...

Have you tried the Lip scrub? I saw one at goods.ph (https://www.goods.ph/red-berries-lip-scrub-11739.html), last night and I'm wondering on what are the effects of using it. I'm afraid that it might trigger my skin allergy. Thanks for sharing Gale, nice photos BTW