Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Video Tutorial: Lee Hyori Inspired Makeup

Hello! Good day to you all! I woke up very well rested even though we slept very late last night because of my mom's birthday party celebration.

I had the urge to do a makeup tutorial this morning...maybe it's the right time because it's been so long since I created one....but I wanted to do a video type of tutorial.. I don't know what came into me haha ^_^

Please do give me a comment on my performance...This is my very first time shooting my self doing makeup and so I don't know if the lighting is okay and if my editing is good too. I'm not really well versed in Windows Movie Maker haha :)

Anyways, so here's my Lee Hyori Inspired Makeup Tutorial.

I think the lighting washed out the colors.. This look is very bright in person...anyways, I'll be waiting for your feedbacks and I will try my best to improve on my skills ^_^

Till my next post! Bye!


Askmewhats said...

very nice version Crystal..bakit parang blooming ka? :D Long time no see na! AS IN!!!

Crystal Gale said...

Hi NIkki! Thank you! Blooming? hehe baka dahil no stress na ako..well almost haha ^_^

Wonder of my World said...

this is so sexy post i like it thanks for this post

Wonder of my World said...

this is super sexy

Good foods and drinks of our world
Wonder of my world

herroyalbleakness said...

Yes Gale, you get a poster and this JGS action figure LOL (idunno how to call it).

They only have a few boxes of these though. Im not sure kung marami pa :) Go fangirl! :)