Friday, November 11, 2011

Review: Etude House I Miss You lipbalm

Hello everyone! Wow, time flies really fast. I did not noticed that I haven't uploaded a new post for the past weeks...been too preoccupied lately...I'm trying to spend as much time with my bf as possible since he's gonna be working abroad starting December or January..He's just waiting for his visa and plane ticket...

Anyway, you probably noticed that I'm a lipbalm junkie...I love lippies since I have dry lips and I'm always on a look out for good quality lip moisturizers. So when I visited my fave Etude House store and saw this cute lipbalm tin, I can't help myself but get it.

This is Etude House's Missing You lipbalm in Penguine case...They have 4 different types I think but I love the penguin one coz I have the matching hand lotion too hehe. This one has a flavor of green apple. This is how it looks like ^_^

The back label is written in Korean...

It's a tin can case and the inside looks like this...

I LOVE THIS because:

- It comes in a cute container. I'm really a sucker for pretty packagings hehe

- It's a tin case so it's a little durable.

- It smells good but the taste is very mild that I sometimes think I'm just "tasting" the scent of the product.

- It gives instant moisture as soon as you applied it. It reminds me of Vaseline petroleum jelly because of the texture.

- Easily accessible and affordable too.

I DON'T LIKE THIS because:

- There are times that it's hard to open the case.

- It is unsanitary to use because I need to dip my fingers into it.

- The moisture is not long lasting. Once the lipbalm disappears on my lips, my lips will get dry again.

OVER-ALL RATING: 4/5. I love using this before I sleep because I wake up with soft lips every time.

WILL I REPURCHASE THIS? Definitely! I would love to get another one once I finished all of my lipbalms ^_^


Here's some pictures taken by my bf's brother...
I love how Kuya Bibo captured Hershey's expression ^_^

Thanks for dropping by! Till next time. Bye! ^_^



I want to get my hands on their lip balms too! but I have a number of balms to finish off before I let myself buy one. Haha! Nice review btw! -Dawn

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Dawn! Thank you! What's your fave lip balm? ^_^