Friday, January 20, 2012

Review: Block and White Intensive Whitening Sunblock

Howdy! Happy Friday to all! Yay, last day of work before the long weekend. I am wishing my family can go stay at our place in Tagaytay so that I can breath fresh air even for a couple of days haha ^_^

Today, I will be reviewing Block and White Intensive Whitening Sunblock SPF 50. The name says it all. It's a sunblock lotion that contains whitening ingredients and at the same time has high protection against the UV rays.

As you might know, I am kind of addicted to products with at least SPF 30. I tend to grab items that have words: SPF 30 (and up) with PA++, whitening, anti aging, oil free, non comedogenic. So when I saw this last year at Landmark Department Store, I decided to buy it.

the ingredients...
Why I am loving this...

- It contains high spf...SPF 50 PA++! More than enough for days that I am walking under the sun the whole day.

- Contains whitening ingredients. I am addicted to anything whitening because I want my skin to have even skintone. My arms are technically the darkest part of my body so I love using whitening lotions so it can at least be of the same color as my chest.

- Affordable compared to other sunblocks in the market. This 100ml bottle sells at Php245 only.

- Not sticky. This comes in a liquid form and spreads easily.

- Doesn't have a strong scent.

- No skin irritations.

- I love the simple packaging. I was able to use every drop of the product and it doesn't spill in my bag whenever I bring it with me on travels.

What I don't like about it...

- None! I have no complaints whatsoever

WILL I REPURCHASE? Of course! I have repurchased this for more than 3x already in the past year. This is my HG body sunblock.


- everyone!

- people who are using whitening products. Remember that if you use whitening products, your skin gets dark easier when exposed to sun so don't forget to protect your skin!

- people who loves whitening lotion. This contains ingredients that helps whiten skin.

- People who loves 2in1 products like me.

- people who are looking for a great everyday sunblock that is not sticky and not expensive.

What about you? What is your favorite sunblock? Please share them with me. I would love to try it too ^_^

Thank you for dropping by! Till my next post. Bye!


Janet said...

thanks for the review...Indeed! I've so much nice feedbacks with regards to this product..guess I'm going yo try this out soon ;)

Chriselle Sy said...

Wow this is the first time I heard of this! Look like it's time to try it.. .:) Too bad I don't go out much! Haha


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Crystal Gale said...

Janet - Yep, do try it out! It's really worth the price ^_^

Chriselle - It's almost summer time naman na hehe the sun is gonna be too hot for us, better ready ^_^

claudio said...

Hi, How can i get this product? i`m from Chile and this is not able to buy.
I hope you can help me...thanks..

claudio said...

Hello again, I tried to send emails to both directions but I get emails notifications that do not exist or are bad. Got another email because I am interested in you to help me get this product.
Thanks, I write my email again

claudio said...

Hi again, I do not know why I can not send emails to your address :C it`s bad, but don't worry...i see on youtube another products of
block&white like soap, body lotion (day and night) both with SPF, it`s work?
Do you know other whitening products that really work and before long?
could get a list with the value and how much is shipping, I'm really
Also tell me how to pay for products and shipping.
Thank you very much and take care, greetings C:

herroyalbleakness said...
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herroyalbleakness said...
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herroyalbleakness said...

Naku, I've had my eyes on this for the longest time. My ultra fave whitening lotion's from L'oreal, their triple whitening body moisturizer. It absolutely whitens, however, it's just spf 18. Another lotion ive always loved is the Revlon Aquamarine Lotion with Vitamin A and Collagen --- now, this, THIS doesnt promise to whiten BUT it just amazingly gives me a radiant and smooth skin. The effects are physically noticeable it's darn unbelievable that it's priced at 100+ lang!!!

SAdly, both of these are discontinued na :( So bad! You can wildly guess how it shattered my world--- twice pa ha. 2x na discontinue ang HG lotions ko... hay, ang malas.

Thanks for sharing about this. Ive tried the Ultima and it's terrific. But it's just too costly, 100ml bottle for 200pesos --- maybe ill just switch to this. And oh, I've also used Vaseline healthy white for the longest time :)

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Claudio! Do you have a Facebook account? Maybe we can talk there if you have problem with the email..I will try to check everything for you ^_^

Hi Arg! I think this lotion is getting discontinued too...I've been searching for it for some time now and wala lagi stock :(

claudio said...

hi, yes, I have facebook account find me as claudio silva reyes

Cecilia said...

Block & White Sunblock contains Methylparaben. Studies indicate that methylparaben applied on the skin may react with UVB, leading to increased skin aging and DNA damage


Crystal Gale said...

Hi Cecilia! Thank you for that information. I will definitely check this variety if it does have it. :)

Cheonsa Byul said...

Hi! I just bought Block&White Sunblock spf50. I have a fair skin, but I still want to use sunblock. This is my first time using sunblock as my lotion and I am afraud that maybe my skin will get darker if I am going to get exposed under the sun for so long. Is my skin going to get darker if I am exposed under the sun? And when staying under the sun how long should it just be? TY ♥

aybece dee said...

Can I use this on my face too?

Unknown said...

Angganda nga ng lotion na yan spf50 water proof pa nag hahanap nga aq qng saan uli makakabili nyan eh. Sa mercury kasi aq unang nkabili nyan eh wala ng display na ganyan. Need q pa nmn dahil nadry skin q after giving birth.