Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gale Read: Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh

My first ever "Gale Reads" will be about Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter Series. I have finished four books from the series and I am not sure exactly on how many are there but I will do a review on the first 3 first because it follows the same characters and it is like one story divided into 3 parts.


The first three books of the Guild Hunter Series follows the life of a vampire hunter named Elena Deveraux and how she lived in a world where vampires, angels and humans live together.

Archangels are the rulers, regular angels are members of the high society, vampires are workers/slaves of the angels and guild hunters are the human authories that handles problems with vampires when they decided to escape their owners and create havoc in the human populace.

The story started when Elena was given a mission by the great Archangel Raphael that she cannot resist. It's a do-or-die situation that created a lot of conflicts between the two main character.

My opinion:

The concept itself is so unique for me. This is my first book about angels and it is also my first encounter with a story having angels, vampires and humans interacting together. I am always in awe with angels..I love collecting figurines and such but I have never tried reading a story about them. So when my BF's sister lended me her copy of Angel's Blood, I did not hesitate to read it.
I read the other 2 in ebook form because I can't wait to borrow again. I was hooked in the story and I wanted to know what happened to the main characters as soon as I finished the first book.

Did I love it? Yes, I did! And here are the reasons why I definitely enjoyed reading it.

- Elena is not a damsel-in-distress character. I love stories with the female heroine as a fearless and skilled warrior and that they don't need protection that much from the men. (Think Tomb Raider's Angelina Jolie. )

- The author created a wonderful backdrop for the 2 lead characters. I was able to imagine the scenery especially how the city looked like.

- I love the author's way of describing each character. She stated it with so much detail that I can really see what the wings of the angels look like...the colors, the length, everything. Even the description of the guild hunters and vampires are detailed so it's like watching a movie.

- The love story between Raphael and Elena is so beautiful and unique. It made me want to fall in love with an angel and be as strong as Elena. Full of love, passion, loyalty and magic.

- The ending is wrapped up in a way that there are no loop holes and everything was well explained.

I could have given this series a perfect score but I have a gripe... that I did not like in the books.

I got a little confused with all the recollection parts...the transition, I mean. One moment Elena and Raphael are talking then the next paragraph will be in another story line which turned out Elena is thinking about an old memory. I just hope there is a distinguishing characteristic to show that it is a recolection and not part of the actual scene. They could have made it in italized form or something as to not confuse the reader..

Aside from the transition, everything is okay for me. This book is really a page-turner and so entertaining especially for readers who are into paranormal romance.


Book Cover - 5/5 - I love old style book cover and it really captured what I had imagined Elena would look like. It also showed the transition of the story from book 1 to 3.

Story - 5/5 - I love it! Very entertaining and really a page turner. I wish they can show more of Rapahel and Elena on the next few books in this series.

Writing Style - 4/5 - Like I said, I hope she can fix the transition of actual and recollection.

Would I recomend reading this? YES! This is really a good series and I enjoyed every moment I was inside that realm. I am definitely buying my own copy to include in my collection.

I would recommend this book to readers who love:

- angels and vampires
- a strong heroine
- lots of fighting scenes
- a good romantic story with a happy ending
- readers 16 years old and above

So, guys, what's your favorite books about angels? Share them in the comment box below so I can read them too!

Thank you for dropping by. Till my next post. Bye! ^_^


ails said...

Thanks for the review. :) I'll put this series in my list of "To Read Books" for 2012. I haven't read a book with angels yet but I love the Supernatural TV series. It has angels, demons, vampires, ghosts, etc and mortal/human heroes. and gwapos pa, especially Dean. :D

btw, I found your blog through mamidadi. :)

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Ails! Thank you for dropping by. I hope we can chat about books too hehe :)