Friday, March 9, 2012

Gale Reads: Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa

Good morning everyone! It's Friday at last so time to relax and lounge around with family and friend. I really love weekends because I get to watch my favorite dramas and also be able to read uninterrupted ^_^

For today, I will be reviewing the Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa. I haven't seen these books in any bookstore (NBS, Powerbooks or Fully Booked) so I'm not sure if it's available locally...but please do tell me if you have seen these around, okay?

I read them in ebook form because I tend to have a very impatient nature when it comes to series and I love to read books continuously. I hate waiting for the next one hehe.

The series consists of 4 books and 2 mini stories in between that is only available as an ebook, I think.

Now, the reason why I searched this series out and read them is because I super love fairies. Since I was a little girl, I've loved reading about fairy tales and magic. I love stories like Peter Pan with Tinkerbell, mermaids, etc. I don't think I can get over my fascination with them because they are so beautiful and lovely. Reading about magical worlds intrigues me so much. Then one day, while I was searching through the net for the next book to read, I came across a review about this. I told myself that it is now time to try out another genre of books since I'm feeling a little saturated with all the vampires & werewolves I was reading. I needed a break, something different from all the things I've read and so I ended up with this.

COVER TALK: 5/5. I love love the book covers! They are so colorful and magical. I love the Narnia feel of the design. You can definitely see that the books will take you to a magical world.


- It is very entertaining and really a page-turner. I can't stop myself from finishing it. It makes me want to finish it in one seating (which I did hehe) because I really wanted to know what happened next.

- Julie Kagawa is great! I love how she described everything in detail. I can imagine the sceneries, what the characters look like, and most of all, she was able to make me feel everything I'm reading is "reality." I had a feeling I'm reading facts instead of fantasy because she made it so realistic.

- There are almost no errors in grammar and spelling so I love that.

- There are no unnecessary events in the story. No fillers to make the book longer. Everything that happened has a meaning and plays a part on how the story unfolds.

- The story is a cross between Narnia and Alice Wonderland, definitely, IMO.

- You might also be familiar with some of the characters: Oberon, Titania, Mab (the King and Queens of the fairy world) & Puck who are famous in plays...The sith cat Grimalkin who is like the striped cat in Alice in wonderland, and the different types of fairies like the mermaids, boogeyman, unicorns, etc.

- The story itself is very well written and unique. I know there are other fairy books for young adults but I believe this is by far have the best concept and well executed too. I have read other fairy books and they tend to be boring and a little messy unlike this one who makes you think it's real.

- I love the main heroine. She is strong willed, loyal and very very smart. The leading man Ash is also an eye-candy based on my imagination :)

- Can be read by anyone - all ages. So moms, you can definitely let your kids read this.

- Julie Kagawa gave me another side of the fairies to see. Yes, they are beautiful and powerful but they can also be cruel (especially to humans) and selfish. These are not the typical "lovely and helpful" fairies that kids love in fairytale books, but they are the magical creatures that we should fear if we crossed them.


- I can't seem to find a hard copy locally. I wanted to buy a box set of this series to add in my collection.

- This is a story that I'm nost sure if I will re-read in the future because it is an adventure book and adventure books tend to lose it's exciting feature once you know what will happen next.

- The love story between the 3 main characters is not the focal. And I would love to read more about Ash and Meghan's love story.

OVER-ALL RATING: 4.5/5. I don't regret reading this. I love love everything about it...from the cover to the writing style to the story and characters. I just wished there is more events pertaining to their love haha.

WOULD I RECOMMEND THIS? Definitely! I can't help but rave about this. Perfect for all age group. It is not too complicated for teens but not too childish for adults. It can definitely entertain everyone.

- perfect for people of all ages
- a must read for those who love adventure and magic
- If you love fairies, then you should definitely pick this up.

You can download it at but if you find it hard to find, just leave your name and email address in the comment box below and I will send you through email a copy of the 6 books as soon as I can ^_^

Thanks for dropping by! I hope you can all try and read this series. It is definitely worth a try and you won't regret it.^_^

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