Thursday, March 22, 2012

No more worries ^_^

Howdy! How's everybody's week going on? I hope all of you are safe and happy. Me? I got too preoccupied this week so I was unable to post of my puppies got sick and he did not want to eat and drink and so I need to give him oral rehydrating solution (pethydrite? I forgot the brand) for dogs and cats frequently and also give him his medicines. I started him on soft diet yesterday through syringe too after he did not eat for 4 days...and I am so happy that he can eat on his own now! I got so worried that he would need to be confined in the veterenary I'm so thankful to God coz He heard my prayer :)

Here's my beautiful Pinkee...I know it's a girl's name but when he was born, he was so pink and that's how I identify him among the litter hehe and the name stuck so he is still known as Pinkee haha ^_^

He's still thin but at least he has more energy and can tolerate his food very well. He doesn't vomit his food and doesn't get diarrhea anymore. I believe that after some time he can regain back his body weight and immune system. I would love to walk him again with the other dogs.

The only sad thing about everything is that it dented my wallet so much! I always used up my salary buying dogfood and catfood and vitamins and if they get sick - veterinarian bills. I think I need to look for a second job so I can pay all the bills that comes with having so many pets. Can you imagine, I have 11 dogs (9 adult, 2 pups) and 4 cats? And my dad have ducks and birds too. We look like a zoo and it is kind of expensive but I love animals and 90% of my pets are nearing old age already. A lot of them are already 5 years old and up so there's absolutely no way I would give them away for adoption. I love them like my own children and you wouldn't go ahead and give them away if it become expensive, right? Having a pet is a lifetime commitment so you should be together through thick and thin coz it's worth it.

So yeah, I just wanted to share with you all this happy moment...I'll be back with another post soon. Till next time, bye! ^_^


Askmewhats said...

alam mo , Korek na koreak ka diyan! Having a dog/cat is like having your own baby! Super gastos nila no? Pero at the end of the day, you love them so much you wouldn't even mind! Glad to hear your happier stories :)

Crystal Gale said...

So true!I feel like I have kids already hehe...but I always tend to forget how much I spent as long as they are healthy :)