Thursday, March 22, 2012

Drama Review: Dream High 2

Hi! Here's another drama review for you guys ^_^

*Warning: LONG post*

Dream High is a story about the students of Kirin Art School who tries to achieve their dream of becoming top performers. The whole story evolves the different struggles these high school students faces before they can reach their dream of becoming an idol (a term used for a singer who is very popular among teens and young adults). This is like a behind-the-scene on how our favorite idol groups became famous kpop stars.

I have watched the first season last year and I loved it! It was so good because of the love stories and also the performances. Although the story line is not unique, it was well executed and I loved every episode. Kim Soo Hyun is really a great actor. he was able to make me smile, laugh, cry and giggly with his acting. I was so sad when it ended.

Dream High 2 is a Monday-Tuesday drama and it consists of 16 episodes.

In all honesty, the main attraction of this show are the actors because they are real singers (idols) in real life. There are 4 idols in this show...3 are performing as students and 1 acted as a teacher.

I loved seeing Jinwoon (a member of 2AM) act on his first drama. It's so natural and hilarious and perfect for him. I can't believe that I was able to see him up close and personal and I was able to get his authograph last year! haha Can't stop myself from smiling whenever I see him smile on screen ^_^

Jiyeon (member of T-ara) is a veteran actress already compared to the others because she already had a couple of dramas under her belt. I love how her character developed from being "the face" of her group to becoming a real performer. Her character as Rian is really a common practice in the actual Kpop world. There will always be a member of the group who is responsible for the visuals but have no real talent in singing or dancing. Their only role is to look good, period.

Hyo Rin (member of Sistar) is okay in this drama too. This is her 1st try in acting and I think she did a good job but I can't say anything about "real acting" coz majority of her scenes are actually performances and not drama-drama scenes.

Kahi (leader of After School) acted as a strict teacher here and she did great on her scenes as well. I like seeing her teach dancing coz she really has a talent and her first job is a choreographer before she became an idol so she fit the role.

JYP (the CEO of JYP Entertainment) is still here as a teacher and he's still funny but I loved his character in Season 1 better. He looks so dumb here.

Aside from these idol stars, there are also a couple of trainees (people who are still training and are waiting for their debut stage) that became a part of the main roles.

JB is a trainee under JYP Entertainment. This is his first project since getting accepted in JYPE and is still waiting for his debut as a singer/dancer. He is one of the main character of the drama. I love seeing him perform because he is really a great dancer but I'm not quite sure about his acting. I think it lacks a little emotion especially when there are melodrama scenes. He acts opposite Jiyeon and Sora and those two are real actresses so it became more obvious that he is just a beginner.

JR is another JYPE trainee who passed the same audition as JB. I think he acted better than JB in this drama even though this is also his first try in acting. I love his Satoori (accent) and it reminded me of Sam Dong's from season 1.

Ailee is my favorite trainee among them because she is really talented. She is under YMC Entertainment, the same company with Wheesung. She is born and raised in New Jersey and she became popular through her Youtube channel and became a trainee in Korea after. She has just debuted as a singer this February 2012 and I love her first single "Heaven". She has little screen time in the drama so a I can't judge her acting but I love her performances a lot :)

And of course, let's not forget the leading role of Shin Hye Sung peformed by Kang Sora. She is well known as the wife of Super Junior's Lee Teuk in We Got Married. Her role is very complex and have a lot of down compared to ups. I like how she portrayed her role because it moved me. Shin Hye Sung is an ordinary girl who wanted to become a singer but doesn't have the talent for it...

OVER-ALL VERDICT: 4/5 - I loved watching Dream High 2. There's always something happening and everything is fun. There's no irritating acting and the story is good. The love triangles or square are fun to watch too! JB-Hyesung-Yoojin-Rian love square is so complex that I did not guess who will end up with whom until the last 2-3 episodes. I also enjoyed watching Siwoo-Na Na-HongJu love triangle because it was so funny hehe. Their ending is fun too so you shou,d check it out. The love story of Ui Bong and Lee Seul reminded me of the Milky COuple from Season 1 so I liked them too :)

Over all, I do not regret spending my time watching it....But I loved Season 1 a lot better because it has more depth compared to Season 2. And the scenes in Season 1 were more memorable than this season. But I love this ending more coz there's a reunion of the main characters ^_^

WOULD YOU RECOMMEND THIS? Definitely! But I would suggest you watch both Season 1 and 2 so you get the whole picture ^_^

One drama done...what will I watch next? My Mondays and tuesdays would be empty for a while until I find a new drama to watch, i guess...

Anyway, thank you for dropping by! See yah! ^_^


~tHiAmErE~ said...

JYP is funny!
my students had recommended this drama to me din though i was only able to watch a couple of episodes... sadly.

but i hope i'll be able to finish 1 & 2 someday!
maybe god of study.. have you watched it?

my student recommended that i watch king 2 hearts, i think it's still an ongoing drama though.

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Thia! Do watch both Season 1 and 2. They're great ^_^

I haven't watched God of Study. I'll try to check that out. I tend to go for dramas with idols as cast kasi hehe ^_^