Friday, March 23, 2012

Gale Eats: Tous Les Jours Cake

Whenever I watch Korean dramas I always wish we also have those cute stuffs they have especially the pastries. I love how they decorate them and they look so delicious too! So when I learned that Tous Les Jours opened a branch at SM North The Block, I was ecstatic because it is very near my place.

Their breads and pastries are super yummy! I love the unique flavors and look because I am already bored with the usual breads we see on our local bakeries even those in Bread Talk and French Baker. And it's nice to have a wide variety of bread.

But what attracted me more in Tous Les Jours are not the breads but the cakes. They are so wonderfully decorated that they look like art. I love the shapes and colors and the flavors. You should check out their stores because just looking at these cakes will make you happy ^_^

Their cakes are packaged in a very sturdy box like this and it comes with a knife and 2 candle sticks.

The box itself is cute so I usually keep it with me even if there's no more cake hehe. It is made up of thick cardboard so you won't worry that your cake will be damaged when you travel it. It also insulates the cold so the cake won't melt easily.

Here's one example of a cake they design. This is a strawberry shaped cake. Look how perfect it look. It's really perfect to bring in parties as gifts because they are unique and can be the talk of the party.

My favorite cakes are those made with their strawberry cream. I love how smooth they are in my mouth and the sweetness is just right. Even my mom who doesn't like sweet loved this cake. The straberry sponge cake inside tastes so good too. It is very moist and yummy. This cake has fresh strawberries in the middle and you definitely must eat those too. I love all the layers of this cake... well almost everything. I don't like the strawberry powder on top because it's sour hehe but my cousins love it if it's combined with everything coz it balances out the taste...but I guess I have sweet tooth so I just like sweetness haha ^_^

I love eating the cream so I ate a lot of them especially the one on the outside that serves as the "crown" of the cake.

The only bad thing I can see is that I can't bring this in far places because they are made of cream and must be refrigerated at all times. Travelling time for this cake from the store to your place should only take less than 1-2 hours depending on the weather.

Although others are detered because of the price, I think paying P600 or somthing for a cake this good is worth it. I got this straberry one for Php580 (around $13) only and this is big and freshly made. Why would I buy a cheap cake that I won't enjoy eating, right?

OVER ALL RATING: 5/5- I love this cake! I don't think I'll come back to eating Goldilocks and Red Ribbon. Nothing can compare with this one. I will definitely try the chocolate ones because my sister said they taste superb ^_^

What about you, would you like to eat something this good and pretty? I think I stared this cake for quite some time before I decided to eat it haha ^_^

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