Saturday, March 24, 2012

Review: Etude House AC Clinic Red Spot Balm + Whitening

It's a bright and sunny Saturday! I woke up really early around 7 am even though I slept very late last night (I think around 2:30 am) because I finished reading Halo by Alexandra Adornetto. I will post a review later on that one later tonight :)

Now, let's go to business. I wanted to share with you guys this product that I'm using for almost 1 year already. I specifically use it for lightening my post acne scars... it's from Etude House and it's called Red Spot Balm + Whitening. It is under the AC Clinic line that is meant for the acne prone skin.

It comes in a green glass jar and it contains 20ml of product. The lid is made up of plastic and it closes tighly so I don't have any problem travelling with this. The packaging is very sturdy, IMO. It has a medicinal feel to it, which I think is what they intended it to be since this is their line to cure acne problems.

It is a white cream that is very easy to spread on the skin. This is the 4th step in this skincare line. As you can see in the picture, I am running out of the product since I use this 2x a day for a long time. The scent of salicylic acid is quite strong too but I don't mind since I love salicylic based products for my pimples since they work better on me than benzoyl peroxide.

What I LOVE about this product:

- helped lighten my post acne scars slowly but surely.

- non-drying on the skin

- aside from its whitening effect, it also helps in controlling my pimple prone skin..I rarely get acne now on the areas where I put this.

- Affordable. I think this cost around Php600 only and it lasted me for a year.

- Can be found easily on any Etude House stores.
- I love the packaging!

What I DON'T LIKE about this product:

- It is unhygienic since you need to dip your finger to get some product...although this comes with a spatula for a cleaner approach but I lost it so I just use my finger.

- I think its effect on me had plateaud already...It's like that with all skin care products in my case. My maximum would be 1 year to 1.5 yrs and my skin will get immune to a product. So sad, it looks like I need to look for another one :(

- The scent may not appeal to people who have sensitive nose and hates medicine scents.

OVER-ALL RATING: 4.5/5 - Super love this product because it is very effective in lightening my scars. I just wished it comes in a tube container for a more hygienic approach.

WOULD I REPURCHASE? I'm not sure. I think my skin got immune to it already so I'll look for another whitening product to use then I'll come back to this if that did not work.

What's your favorite whitening product for scars? Share them with me please. Thank you! ^_^


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