Thursday, March 29, 2012

S&R Sale & Etude House Haul

Hello everyone! I was unable to post because I was already up and about at 5am the other day and I can't bring myself up to create a post when I got back home since I was so tired. You might be wondering, "what did she do at 5am?"...Well, me and my uncle and aunt went over to SnR Pricemart at Munoz, QC to wait in line for the 1st day of the sale. S&R is an American membership shopping area and is very popular because of it's great prices and wide varitey of brands that our local groceries don't carry (like Garnier Fructis shampoo, herbal essences, Aveeno, etc). They are also popular for having semi-annual sales that cuts off prices up to 50%! And they put stuff on sale that won't even expire within the year so it's so okay to hoard ^_^

I spent around Php6k that day (combined items with my mom and sis) because I bought items that are quite big like cooking ware set and sacks of dog foods. If you can only see the amount of products piled up on the carts of other people, you'll be wondering how much they spent that day...I'm guessing around Php20,000 to 50,000 coz they are so plenty. Probably for selling or gifts, maybe.

I got 400 gms of pasta noodles buy 1 take 1 for only Php109...Del Monte Four Cheese tomato sauce buy 1 take 1 for only Php99 (that's a big can already), Safeguard bar soaps 8pcs pack buy 1 take 1 (that's 16 pcs!) for only Php350 and the 12 pcs cooking stuff (non stick pans and pots) 50% off for only Php1,400! I think I got great deals with these purchases ^_^

I'm supposed to post a picture here to show you how many people are there but I can't transfer it from my phone to my computer. But when we got there by 5:30am, I think we're already the 250th customer on the line. Some staff of S&R said there's already a line since 1am! Oh my, that's too early for me and the store will only open at 8am. That's crazy don't you think?


I also wanted to share with you another haul. I went to Etude House last Saturday and I saw their new line of toners. I decided to try the one for deep pore cleansing for a smoother skin (that's what the label say hehe) and I ended up with a thousand pesos worth of products because I wanted to get the invite for the playhouse on April hehe ^_^

Here's what I got for myself:

I will give a detailed review after a month of using the Skin Mal:gam toner in Smoother variant. Oh, and also the masks...I hope I can review them too in detail if they are effective or not :)

What about you? do you like sales? I do! I love getting everything for a bargain especially if the products are good quality ones. Till next time, bye! ^_^


~tHiAmErE~ said...

i didn't know that!
just like in US,huh?

i have to check that place din
thanks for letting us know!

Pammy said...

Huh. Waiting in line since 1am seems like a crazy thing to do but not if you really want to get the good stuff, I guess. :)

Crystal Gale said...

Thiamere - Yep! They have a lot of American brands and they are prices reasonably too :)

Pammy - yeah, they are crazy! But they got inside first so I guess in their minds it's a good exchange hehe..I got inside around 9:30am already while they got in at exactly 8am :)