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Gale Reads: The Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlainne Harris

This series is very very popular because it has an HBO TV Series called True Blood. Now, I have only watched maybe 3 or 4 episodes of it since I can't seem to get the timing right on the schedule and I prefer reading a book than watching. I'm also not a fan of watching English dramas so it doesn't attract my attention at all.

Now, I contemplated a lot if I wanted to read the whole Sookie Stackhouse Novels by Charlainne Harris. This series garnered a very high rating among book bloggers and youtubers..You'll also always see this on the Top 10 lists of books on different websites.

I'm a bit on the fence to read it even though I love vampire novels because I was able to read Twilight Saga first and I thought it's just a copy of that (Vampires and shape-shifters..ring a bell?)...and I was so wrong! They are totally different stories and also, this series were published first before the Twilight Saga so it can't be the same, right? ^_^

GENRE: paranormal, romance

HIGHLIGHT CHARACTERS: Vampires, Shape-shifters, Witches

Dead Until Dark
Living Dead in Dallas
Club Dead
Dead to the World
Dead as a Doornail
Definitely Dead
All Together Dead
From Dead to Worse
Dead and Gone
Dead in the Family
Dead Reckoning
Deadlocked --coming soon May 2012
Dead Ever After --coming May2013
A Touch of Dead --Compilation of short stories about Sookie Stackhouse.

Two years prior, vampires exposed themselves to the world after Japanese scientists invented a synthetic blood product called True Blood. The vampires proclaimed that they can now live with humans because the True Blood is enough to sustain them physiologically and won't need to kill humans anymore in order to survive.

Sookie Stackhouse is a bar waitress in Bon Temps, Louisiana. She is also a telepath. She considers her telepathic powers as a curse until she met Bill Compton, a vampire. She evolved from being a common human to becoming a major magnet for supernatural beings and the conflicts that puts her life in jeopardy most of the time.

In this series, we will follow the story of Sookie Stackhouse as she tries to survive in a world totally different from what she know of before all these chaos started.

At present, this series already has 2 types of book covers.

The first covers are the ones with cartoon drawings. You'll think these are children's book if you based it on the cover but once you read it, you'll know that it's for adult reading only. I love how simple they look but each drawing has a real meaning behind it and they definitely symbolizes the story per book.

The re-released cover versions are the ones with the True Blood actors in the front. They are all black and white in color with a pop of red while the actors show a sexy pose related to the TV show.

They also released 3 omnibus version wherein it contains the same cover but they placed 3 book titles per omnibus. I've seen them on the bookstore and they are huge and thick. It looks like an encyclopedia haha ^_^ but it does saves space and will definitely save you time to search the titles for all of the books in the series.

I personally love the original covers a lot more than the TV Series adaptation. I really don't like books with actors as the cover model coz it gets old for me and the novelty usually wears off quite fast then I'll be so irked when I see the covers hehe. I am still on the process of looking for a box set that's available locally. I really loved the original cartoony covers alot :)


This series contains 13 titles all in all. The 12th will be released this May 2012 and the last installment would be on May 2013. I haven't read the 11th book yet coz I don't have it so I'll just be giving my review on the first 10 books of the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire series :)

This series is so great! I regret that I didn't started reading it until early this year. Although I think it is for the best because I was able to read all 10 books continuously and I don't need to wait for the next installment haha ...I read all 10 books in 2 weeks (roughly one book every day) because I can't seem to put the story down. It is really a page turner and every chapter has something exciting going on.

Charlainne Harris is a great writer. She was able to create a very realistic world where vampires and humans and other magical creatures exists together. I love how she describes the setting and the characteristics of each characters because it made them more real. There is also character development as the story moves on. They learn from their mistakes and they mature. Also, the way she introduces new character is flawless and not forced. It made the transition from one book to another very smoothly. I also love the fact that even though there are a lot of books in this series, you can still enjoy each of them individually because they contain different stories.

I want to also give credit to Harris for being able to mesh vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, fairies, witches, etc very nicely. There's no feeling of having too much and I ended up guessing and thinking which magical creature will erupt next hehe.

Now, for the negatives. It's very hard to think of what I don't like in the story but I think there's only one. I hate it when Sookie starts feeling all gooey inside when there's a new hot guy around and she allows them to kiss her or something. I mean, she is supposedly in love so she should not be so fickle about that. But that's just me hehe. I guess for her it's different...she just started liking guys late because she can't hear these supernatural guys clearly and she can enjoy their company more than humans.

I can't wait to read the last 3 books of this series. I'm very excited to know which guy Sookie will end up with. I hope it's Quinn coz they are perfect. I don't want her to end up with the vampires.

OVER-ALL RATINGS: 4.5/5. Love this series! This is definitely one of my favorite vampire series of all time :)

WILL I BUY THE WHOLE SERIES? Definitely. I am already looking for a box set for the first 10 books. Then I'll get the other ones too. Definitely worth having it in your collection.

WHO WILL YOU RECOMMEND THIS TO? This is really for mature readers only and I won't suggest this for teenagers because this is a romance novel and there are a lot of romance involved, if you know what I mean. The story actually involves a lot of sexual innuendos and romance so it might not be for conservative folks who have never tried reading romance novels yet.

Have you read this series yet? If not, do so! Even if you don't like paranormal, you'll definitely love it for the adventure and romantic side of it. Charlainne Harris is really a great story teller. Never a dull moment with this books ^_^

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