Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Hunger Games Capitol Makeup

Hello! I know that The Hunger Games fever is still ongoing so I decided to share this makeup look I did a few weeks ago. I played with my makeup after watching the movie and this is what I came up with. I didn't do a makeup tutorial for this since a) It's not that great compared to other Capitol makeup tutorial I've seen and 2) the makeup did not came out as I wanted it too hehe. I think I look like a water entity instead but I still wanted to share it with you guys and get your opinion if it will pass as a Capitol Makeup ^_^

I loved it when they showed the Capitol because everyone looks so creative and confident on how they look. It was so colorful too so it attracted me to recreate it ^_^


1. Matching colors - If you watched the movie, you will notice that the people from the Capitol always have matching shades on their hair, makeup, accessories and clothes.

2. Bright colors - they love bright and vibrant colors like reds, blues, violets, gold and silver. You can rarely see dull colors.

3. Over the top styles - their clothing are so extravagant! Made from rich material and styled as if there's always a royal ball to attend.

4. Makeup- the ladies' makeup centers on eyeshadows and lips more. Very pale face with little to no blush, fluttery long lashes, eyeshadow colors that matches their hair and clothes and the colorful lips that matches too.

Now, here's my take on it ^_^

Is it scary? haha I hope not, coz I really enjoyed playing. I decided to go for blue because I already have a cheap blue wig with me for playing and I haven't used it yet. Another reason is that, blue is my favorite color so it's actually a no brainer haha ^_^

I applied a very pale foundation and made it very matte like what Effie Trinket looked in the movie. I also paled out my lips with concealer then just applied a green lipstick by Shu Uemura on the center of my lips (like Queen Amidala of Star Wars) then set it with a blue powder eyeshadow. I also washed out the color of my brows with concealer then using an angled eyeliner brush, I applied blue eyeshadow on my eyebrows to match it with my hair.

Now, for the eyeshadow, I just used different shades of blue eyeshadows and blended it out past the eye area and extended it on the temples to give some bluish shade.

Using a metallic blue eyeliner pencil by Etude House, I drew a star on my right cheekbone just below the eye and filled it with gold pigments. I saw one makeup look in the movie with something like it hehe.

SO yeah, that's my take on the Capitol Makeup. I just wish I have a great hair piece and clothes to match it with and make it more real. Oh, and I hope I got a camera that can capture the vibrancy of the colors I used. I think the lighting washed it out a lot.

Thank you for dropping by! ^_^

For great Hunger Games makeup tutorials, check these makeup gurus out ^_^

1. xsparkage - she created looks for all the district and her version of the Capitol look is crazy! :)

2. missglamorazzi- she created a whole Katniss inspired look with hair and clothing.


Ida said...

I finished the books recently and saw the movie just yesterday. Yes, I think this is Capitol-esque and cute at the same time! I can see how much fun it would be to do Capitol makeup looks. :)

Crystal Gale said...

I haven't read the book yet but i'm thinking about it hehe thank you for the nice comment :)

Abby said...

very nice. hahaha! =)

Crystal Gale said...

Thanks Abby! MIss talking to you girl ^_^