Thursday, April 19, 2012

Review: Beauty kingdom (BK) 18" Nail Polishes

Hello! ^_^

When me, my sister and my mom went to Divisoria at 168 Mall, we came across a store that sells a lot of nail polish and nail art stuffs. We went inside to check them out coz the items are really nice and perfect for summer. We ended up getting these because they have a unique characteristic. Each color secretes a certain scent when it dries. For example, if you get a brown color you'll smell chocolate. I think it was so cool so I got a variety of colors from that line.

The brand is called BK 18" and it is made from China like almost all nail polishes available on the market so I didn't mind. This costs Php50 each for retail but since we bought 6 pcs they gave us a discount and we got it for Php30 only. This variant only comes in matte finish and in an 8ml glass bottle.

Here's a swatch of the nail polishes. Shade 04 is their top coat.


- Pigmented colors. You can get away with 1-2 coats depending on the color to get the shade in the bottle.

- Scented. I like the candy scents and it lasts for a couple of days too.

- Stays long on nails for at least a week before fading and chipping.

- Comes in a small container so I can bring it anywhere if I need to during traveling.

- Can be bought by bulk to get discounted price.

- It did not made my nails yellowish which is a plus.

- Dries fast enough.


- It is quite expensive for the size IMO. Php50 for an 8ml nail polish that is not a popular brand is a little too much for me. (Or is this popular? Does anyone know?)

- This is made from China so it might be a con for some. I don't mind it but others might.

- The brushes are not of good quality. Some of them are flayed so it's hard to apply it evenly.

- It is a matte finish. I'm not fond of mattes :/

- The scents may be too over powering for some who have sensitive noses.

- Cannot be applied too thickly or you can just easily scrape them to be removed hehe.

OVER-ALL RATING: 3.5/5 - I like this better than locally available nail polishes in that price range but I still prefer my Korean and Japanese nail polishes over these. They are good quality and unique so I am giving it above average rating.

WILL I REPURCHASE? Not sure. I'm not the type who buys nail polish all the time.

You can definitely check this out if you're able to drop by 168 ^_^

Till my next post. Bye! ^_^


Janet said...

Those are pretty colors! I haven't heard of this brand but I did recall seeing this brand somewhere. For nail polish, I really don't mind if its china or US as long as the shade is pretty and affordable I'm sold! I don't normally buy nail polishes too,most of them are given to me by my nail polish freak sister and mother lolz!~

Crystal Gale said...

Maybe we're the same. I usually have my nails cut short and clean so i just use polish on my toes hehe ^_^

Askmewhats said...

Wow super nice shades ha! Thanks for swatching! :)

Crystal Gale said...

Thanks for dropping by Nikki ^_^

Anonymous said...

I've seen a lot of Bk nail polish sold. The price is almost the same with L.A. Colors brand. The shades are pretty but I don't trust the brand.

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Ameeh! Yeah, that's my first and last purchase from the brand. It's actually not worth it and I'm afraid it can discolor my nails in the long run. Thanks for informing me about LA Colors. I'll check those out ^_^

trizzytrip said...

this is a eco- friendly polish that is from China you can get many more shades and brands at this website's free shipping which is cool and they have tons of products @ great prices but shipping takes 15-20 days to get to the U.S.(in my case) btw I like the colors u picked

Crystal Gale said...

Trizzytrip, hi! Thank you for those information. I didn't know they are eco-friendly :)

shanice ice said...

Pls enlighten us, What makes BK becomes an eco -friendly nail polish?