Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Holy Week trip

Hello! I hope everyone had a great Holy Week. I was supposed to go mountain climbing at Mt. Pulag with family as per tradition (hehe we ALWAYS go there to unwind and give donations during Holy Week every year....and also to experience 5 degrees celcius weather for 4 days) but something happened and we can't go. A couple of days before we leave (everything is packed and ready to go) my mom texted the ranger at Mt. Pulag and he told us that the road is closed going to the ranger station and we needed to walk 15 minutes (on their standards...which means we would be walking for at least an hour coz we are carrying things and we walk slow) before we can reach the camping site. We have a lot of stuff and we can't afford to leave our vehicle in a far away place so we just decided to not go and just re-sched the trip to give the donations.

We ended up spending 2 days in our place at Tagaytay just to experience a little coolness. We also camped there because our vacation house is not yet build haha..I had hoped we could go around Tagaytay but there are so many people that it would be crazy to go out..There's a heavy traffic flow and a lot of the places are packed so we just stayed home. It was so boring huhu and hot. I can't believe that it was so hot! I really miss Mt. Pulag's weather :(

I also ended up with a lot of insect bites. A couple of ant and mosquito bites here and there since it is a farm...but what boggles my mind are these bites...

I really don't know what bit them and where in hell did I get them. They were so itchy and when I scratched spread on the surrounding area. Aside from being inflamed and itchy, it also has a rough texture. My aunt thinks it's a caterpillar bite but I'm not sure. I did spend a lot of time lounging around in the swing under the trees but I can't remember seeing caterpillars.

At present, the itchiness has stopped (after 5 days!) but it is already starting to turn brown. My insect bites usually end up like a brown pigmented scar and this is big so I am sad. It is summer time and I should be wearing shorts and swimsuits but I don't think I can do it now. The scar looks ugly and very noticeable on my fair legs... waaah! I'm so sad that I want to cry whenever I see them. It's around 4-5 inches long and 1.5-2 inches across so you can't miss it :(

I hope my favorite scar remover can do the trick and remove this fast. Hiruscar, please work!

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