Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Random Ramblings +

Hello! I woke up early today feeling energized so I took that as a good sign that everything will go well today for me :)

WARNING: Very long post ^_^

I'll start my rambling with a great news. My sister Mei (our bunso) became the face of the advertisement for the bank she is working at, the Philippine Business Bank. The company released full page advertisements on different major newspapers (e.g Inquirer and Philippine Star), Chinese newspapers (e.g. United Daily News, World News) and business papers (eg Business Mirror, Business World) nationwide. And being a proud ate, I wanted to share them with you all. Here's a shot I took from one of the newspaper I bought yesterday.

Isn't she pretty? My sister wanted to be a model and I'm so happy for her that she was able to achieve her goal even if it's just once. But I am still hoping she'll get a lot more opportunities like this for her in the future. Hopefully with pay haha ^_^

Another thing that I wanted to share with you is this:

When I got home the other day, I found these two cute puppies inside my Boston Terrier's cage.

And here's how our conversation went:

Me: Who owns the puppies? Why do we have puppies inside the cage with Kim?
My dad: Bigay ni Tito Edgar mo. Akin yung isa, tapos kay Inggo yung isa iuuwi sa probinsya. (They're from your Tito Edgar. One is mine and the other is Inggo's and he will bring it home with him in the province.). 

Me: Okay. But Pa, we already have a lot of dogs, so why did you accepted them?
Dad: I don't have a guard dog in the shop. I only have two left coz I don't count Nobody anymore. (Nobody is the name of our dog who got distemper. You can guess where his name came from - Yeah, the famous Wonder Girls song haha ^_^)

Me: They're still young. They shouldn't have been separated yet from their mom.
Dad: They're already 2 months and can eat. YOU should get the vet to give them vaccines.

Me: Nyah! I don't have extra money right now!

So to make the long story short, I lost the argument haha. I can't do anything about it anyway coz when my dad wants something, he'll get it regardless. And I lost again coz even if my dad says he owns the puppy, I'm still the one who will take care of it. 

But the funny thing is, yesterday when I bathed the two and brought them inside the living room to play with them, my dad saw that the one meant for his crew is very friendly so I told him that the other one is more sociable than ours. And guess what he told me..."Let's keep them both." Haha I knew he would say that after the puppy went after him and make "lambing" and everything. 

I am in love with these puppies too coz they are so adorable (well, except when they keep on crying when I place them back on their temporary cage - a very big dog carrier..the one for my Labradors) but I can't help thinking to myself, "You need to work harder. You need to earn more. You have a lot to feed once they grow bigger." Anyway, that's life and I take everything in stride coz God has plans for me ^_^

The third thing I wanted to share with you all which made my day today is...BIG BANG is coming here in the Philippines!!!!

Yay! I just saw an advertisement that Philippines is gonna be included in Big Bang's 2012 Asia Tour. I am so happy that I might smile the whole day hehe. I will definitely not miss this and I will start saving for the ticket starting next month. I think since according to the schedule we will be the second to the last country they will go, hmmm the concert will be held around the early last quarter of this year. I still have time ^_^

And the last thing I wanted to ramble about is the drama Fashion King.

Okay, I have said before in one of my post that I am watching this Monday-Tuesday drama right now. It is still ongoing so I can't make a review yet. I still don't know how many episodes this will air coz it doesn't seem like it will end anytime soon. It is now currently airing episode 18. 

Now, here's the thing. I so love all the actors and actresses. They are great in every aspect and can really show the emotion of the characters they are portraying even without any dialogue. BUT I am now getting tired of watching the 2 lead characters, Young Gul and Ga Young. Kang Young Gul who is played by Yoo Ah In is such a jerk and a pushover and only thinks about himself while Lee Ga Young who is portrayed by Shin Se Kyung is so timid and always follow whatever Young Gul wants. It is okay at first but it is already episode 17 and she's still doing that? I don't think someone can be that stupid and naive. I wanted her to be smarter and she should stand up on what she want and not just follow the man she is in love with. 

Okay ,so I'm ranting right now. I'm still on the fence if I will continue watching this drama or not. I really am just getting frustrated with the recurring drama in the show. I hated the cycle that they are practicing with the crisis and whatever. So, yeah.

To all my readers who have reached until this point, thank you so much for being patient. I know it is a very long one and it might not be interesting to a lot of you but thank you still for dropping by and checking out my rambling.

Have a nice day everyone! Bye! ^_^

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