Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review: Revlon Lip Butter

 Good morning guys! I know that Revlon Lip Butters have been around for a couple of months now and a lot have already reviewed this product and I'm super late already but since you can never have too much opinion about a certain product, I decided to still put up a review on this one ^_^

I only have 2 colors and I got it from a fellow Girltalker for a discounted price (I think I got it for Php350 each and it was only used 2x...so it's a great deal since lipsticks can be sanitized anyway). This sells for Php500+ in the mall :)

I am going to show you Lollipop because I don't have Candy Apple with me now. My sister loved it that she just carry it around in her kikay bag everyday hehe. I think I was just able to use it for a couple of times when she wanted to use a pink lipstick instead of a red one.

I have already used this a couple of times when I remembered to take a picture a month after I purchased it so it is only 90% full in this picture. BUT is it really just this small inside? I was kind of disappointed that it only contains a small amount of product inside and that's the reason why I did not purchase more.

The packaging is a pretty quilted design plastic lid and a silver base. The color of the plastic lid is almost the same shade as the lipstick inside and it also have a clear top wherein you can see what shade it is without opening. This made it very easy to find among a bunch of other lipsticks.

Here's a swatch on my lips. It is a little brighter in person because I think the lighting washed out  some of the color. And you also need to take into consideration that I have naturally pigmented lips so it affects the color too :)

And here it is when I used it in a tutorial before.


- Very moisturizing for a lipstick.I have dry lips and this doesn't need any lipbalm base for me to be able to use it coz it is moisturizing enough for me.

-. Very pigmented and opaque. I can have a bright colored lips with just one swipe. Or for a more natural look, I can just dab it and blend with my finger.

- Cheaper than MAC and other higher end brands that gives the same color payoff. Sometimes I like this better than my Lancome ones.

- Smells good. I really hate lipsticks that smell like old makeup so this is a plus for me.

- Very user friendly. You don't need to open this up in order to see the color inside because you can just base it on the lid color and you can also see through the clear plastic on the top of the lid.

- Very nice on a vanity. You don't need to store this upside down like other lipsticks for you to be able to see the label. This is also perfect in lipstick organizers coz it has a stable base so it doesn't wobble.

- Available in all Revlon stores in any department stores.

- This line of Revlon Lip Butters contains a wide variety of shades from nudes to dark to bright. You can definitely find something you'll like.


- It doesn't stay that long on my lips. Like any moisturizing lipsticks, this only stays for an hour or two depending if I am eating or drinking. SO frequent reapplication is a must.

- Can leave your lips patchy if you ate in between application so you need to check your lips every now and then so you can blend it again with your finger.

- I think P500 for something that only contains a small amount of product is a little con for me. This lipstick requires frequent reapplication and I can use the whole lipstick quite easily in that case. But I guess they still wanted to make this "affordable" so they just did that.

- This melts so easily. My lipstick always feels so soft when I tend to bring it along my trips. So DO NOT leave this inside the car!

- The case push up product on its own. I experienced that whenever I bring this around, the lipstick always go up until the lip even if I didn't twisted the base earlier. I don't know how it happens but maybe the base is a little loose.

OVER-ALL RATING: 4/5. I definitely love this! I now have an alternative for my favorite Lancome moisturizing lipstick.I love that I can just use this without worrying of my lips drying out. If it only fades prettily, I will definitely give this a higher rating ^_^

WILL YOU REPURCHASE? If I find a shade that I like, then I will buy again from this line ^_^

FINAL SAY: This is more of a moisturizing lipstick than a tinted lipbalm, in my opinion. Others may say otherwise but I think this lacks enough moisture to be called a lipbalm.

Girls, what's your favorite shade among the Revlon Lip Butters? DO share them in the comment box below so I can check it too!

Till my next post, bye! ^_^


Askmewhats said...

the shade looks good on you Crystal :) Super bagay!!! At ang ganda ng makeup mo ha!

Crystal Gale said...

Thank you Nikki! ^_^