Monday, June 11, 2012

Kpop Updates: JJ Project

Okay, JYP really did a good job by making JB and JR be a cast of  Dream High 2 before he made them debut as idols. This made the duo popular in a wider range of audience and the anticipation for their actual debut as singers much anticipated. It is really a wise move. I just saw their live performance today for the first time and although it took me some time to like the song "Bounce", I really enjoyed watching the two of them perform with so much passion and energy. It made me want to dance and bounce with them hehe ^_^

Here's a link to their debut stage:

I really love seeing the smile on their faces. They look so happy performing. I hope they will make it big in this industry because they really have talent. Can't wait to see them on variety shows ^_^


jamie said...

You're into kpop pala sis...:) ako i just like seeing the guys..uber cute. Ahaha:)

Crystal Gale said...

Jamie, yup! More than 5 years na ako into Kpop hehe I started with Taiwanese ones like F4 and then moved on to Kpop since I prefer their songs...Hehe yeah dami cute guys na mas makinis pa skin ko ^_^

k2man said...

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