Thursday, June 14, 2012

K-pop Updates: News of the week

Hello everyone! This post will be filled with updates about Kpop news that happened this week ^_^

1. Wonder Girls made their comeback on the different music programs after releasing their new single "LIKE THIS". They also released another song called "GIRLFRIEND" and performed it live.

Here's the MV:

Here's their comeback stage at Inkigayo last June 6.

Here's their comeback stage at Music Bank.

2. MBC We Got Married will start airing again after their 3 months hiatus! The first episode will air on June 16 tentatively but at least they withdrawn their announcement that the show was already cancelled. Yay! I can't wait to see WooJung and TeukSo couples. I hope they'll show WooJung's wedding already coz it's past their 1 year anniversary ^_^

3. F(x) just released their new single "ELECTRIC SHOCK" and it already had more than 3 million views on Youtube after 3 days and the week isn't over yet! Let's make it 4 million views! I love the song ^_^

That's my top 3 news right now for all of my readers who are also Kpop fans like me. Are you excited for WGM too? Enjoy the videos!

Till next time, bye! ^_^


Janet said...

i used to watch WGM and I'm an avid fan of Khuntoria! they are such a sweet and cute couple! but once the have departed I have also stop watching WGM...glad that they are back on air now..=) I hope they would add more cute couples in the future ^_~

Crystal Gale said...

HI Janet! I love Khuntoria too! Hmm I think MBC will check first and test the waters again before they start getting new couples :)