Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hershey time!

I would just like to share some pictures of my little Hershey showing her different sides  ^_^

While posing for a picture:
  *goofy face caught on camera*

*she's always trying to reach my face hehe ^_^*

While sleeping:
These 2 photos were taken by my sister while me and Hershey were sleeping...Pardon me coz I look weird sleeping haha...I just saw these pictures after I woke up ^_^

*sleeping on her back while snuggling on my side*

 *I can't believe we sleep in the same position haha ^_^*

*I took this while she was taking a nap today. She seems cold so I placed a blanket on her*
 *And she automatically snuggled under our Hello Kitty blanket...How cute is that?*

While playing:

*She's so happy playing with her lady bug pillow*
After being scolded she went running from my room and went into hiding under my parents' cabinet...

That's it! I hope you enjoyed seeing my baby. She's really the perfect "kid" to be around with coz she's very fun and energetic and so snugly and wants to be petted ^_^

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