Friday, June 15, 2012

The magic of makeup

Hello! I have tweeted earlier today that I will be doing a makeup tutorial and upload it tonight but something went wrong during the whole process and I decided to try again another day... I really wanted to film a tutorial to see if I have improved since the last I did it so yeah.

So today, I will be doing a post about what makeup can do to improve our over-all appearance for a party, for example. Here's what I came up with. Guess what I did to make it special ^_^

The other half only has light foundation, concealer and a lip balm. It is very natural and good for everyday but the other side is perfect for parties. It still looks simple and not over the top but I added some things to make my assets more enhanced.

Have you guessed what I used? If you thought false eyelashes, eyebrows and circle lenses then you are correct. Grooming my brows and filling in the gaps to make it look cleaner and frame my face better is one of the steps I just learned last month. I never knew that filled in brows looks better haha I thought I don't neet it coz I have naturally bushy brows but I guess I', wrong.

I also chose to use a brown colored contact lenses instead of the blue or green ones because I didn't want to look too fake. Although I love colored contacts because they are fun (if you noticed from my older posts), but using contact lenses with almost the same shade as my natural color makes it hard for people to guess what I did to look prettier and I learned that I prefer it that way hehe. It actually worked because my mom once told me she can't pinpoint what I did but I look different (We went to a formal event that time) and a lot of people complimented me whenever I use my brown lenses.

Adding false eyelashes also opened up my peepers without me worrying of looking like a raccoon.. I usually don't apply mascara if I have a choice because I have very oily lids and I usually ends up looking like an emo at the end of the day because of that. But I don't suggest using falsies everyday because the glue can make your lashes a lot thinner in the long run coz you can sometimes pull out the lashes during removal.

Products used:

Holika Holika Petit Clearing BB Cream
Tony Moly Berry Lovely Tip Concealer in #1
Ever Bilena pink powder blush (no shade name on the palette)
Ellana Minerals HD Powder

EO contact lenses in honey (grade 3.50 both eyes...I think I needed to upgrade to 3.75)
Tony Moly Berry Lovely Tip Concealer in #1
MOD Minerals in Splendor (all over the lids)
Coastal Scents white eyeshadow from 88 matte palette (as highlight)
Coastal Scents black eyeshadow from 88 matte paletter (for smudging the liner and on lower lashline)
Tony Moly Backstage gel liner in black 01
MUFE star powder in 902 (inner corners and lower lashline)
Generic false eyelashes
Etude House eyebrow pencil in gray

Victoria's Secret lipgloss in Embrace

You see, you don't need a lot of products to enhance your natural beauty. Just choose one part of your face you want to emphasize and concentrate on that. I chose my eyes coz 99% of the time I wear eyeglasses and whenever I have an event to go to I wanted to show them off hehe. 

What about you guys? What part of your face do you want to emphasize more when you do your makeup? Share them on the comment section below. Thank you for dropping by!  ^_^


aMz88 said...

really cute post :) i like ur makeup bagay na bagay hehe ^^

~aiMee/aMz, <3

Crystal Gale said...

Thanks Amz! ^_^