Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gale Eats: Mr. Kimbob

Hello everyone! I'm supposed to post this review the other day but my internet got screwed because of the strong winds and rain hehe so this is quite late. ^_^

Did you know that I'm a certified foodie? I love eating different things and I love cooking too. Just the other day, I thought to myself, "Since I love food, won't reviewing the different food establishments I go to and the dishes I've tried be a good addition to my blog?" So I have decided to include this here coz I think this will show you another side of me :)

This idea came to me because I myself do love reading  food reviews too like what Nikki of Askmewhats posts in her blog. It really helps in giving ideas on what to order or where to go to eat these kind of dishes. I really love seeing pictures of delicious food and how the blogger describes them ^_^

For my first post, I will introduce you to a fast food establishment -- Mr. Kimbob. I usually go to their branch in SM North EDSA but I know that they have stalls in different SM malls like Megamall and Fairview.

I really love Korean food but it's hard to find a good place to get it so if I need a quick fix for my cravings, I just go to SM and go buy myself something from Mr. Kimbob. They offer Korean foods like bibimbop, tteukboki, kimbop, japchae, ramyun etc.

*sorry I didn't know that it's blurred*

My favorite food to order is Bibimbop with beef (you can choose beef, pork or chicken). It's a hearty meal and only cost Php99!

This is served in a hot metal plate (that is so heavy) and it includes rice, egg, your choice of meat and 6 different veggies including kimchi. This dish is meant to be mixed all together but if you don't like that you can just eat them as side dishes. This dish is really healthy in my opinion coz more than 80% of the dish is made up of veggies ^_^

So this last visit, me and bf decided to try their tteukbokki. It is sticky rice cakes cooked in chili sauce.

If you love spicy foods, then you definitely should try this. It is so delicious! I am actually am looking forward to hunting the ingredients so I can try and make them at home too ^_^

I also love their kimbop but since I usually make this one at home, I just don't order it that much anymore. Their ramyun is also good but it is so spicy that I usually get runny nose after I finished eating haha It actually is served in a gold colored pot like what you see in the Korean dramas so that's fun :)

OVER-ALL RATING for MR. KIMBOB: 4/5. I give 5 to the dishes and 4 for the plating. The dishes are delicious but the metal hot plate is really heavy and there are a lot times that I almost didn't make it to our table in the food court from the counter. It is just so heavy.

WILL I COME BACK? Definitely! I have eaten here a lot of times already and I do recommend you guys should try this establishment. You should start with bibimbop since that is their specialty ^_^

Thanks for dropping by! ^_^

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