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Gale Reads: Shadow Falls Series #1-3

Happy Friday everyone! I'm back with another book review for my fellow bookworms. I am on a reading roll and I can't stop so I was able to finish another set of books (well, e-books to be exact). For my readers who prefer reading beauty finds and product reviews, I'll be back this weekend, so don't worry. I have a few items on my stash that I haven't reviewed yet. I have been testing them for months now so I know it's time to give my verdict on them. But for now, I'll be reviewing the first 3 books of C.C. Hunter's Shadow Falls Series ^_^

Genre: Paranormal, Love story, Young Adult, Adventure?
Author: C. C. Hunter
Books in the series: 5 titles (#1-3 are out, #4 will be out on October 2012, #5 on 2013)

Kylie Galen is a 16-year-old girl who was sent by her mom to the Shadow Falls Camp because of her "attention-seeking" actions. 

To the outside world, Shadow Falls Camp is just an ordinary camp for troubled teens but you can't be so wrong. It is an institution that caters and gives guidance to all supernaturals like vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, fairies and witches. 

This series follows how Kylie's world changed during that summer inside the camp where she tries to find her heritage, learns her powers and how to deal with all the supernatural things happening in her life.

I just realized that I forgot to do a cover talk in my last Gale Reads so I'll just edit that post and you can come check it out again here (Violet Eden) if you are interested.

The cover of these 3 books are great in my opinion.They really fit the plot of the story because it has that mysterious feel to it. I really liked the mix of black, gray, blue, red and purple. It makes an illusion of creepiness and magic at the same time.

I also love the fact that you can't really see the face of the girl on the picture...It's really a pet-peeve of mine coz I hate it when books have faces of real people as book covers coz it destroys the image of the character created by my mind.

I am giving these 3 books 4.5/5 for the covers ^_^


Let's now go for the actual book. I was actually intrigued on the plot of this series when I saw it at Goodreads so I decided to get myself a copy of the first book, Born at Midnight, in e-book form so I can check it out. I had this e-book for 2 months now before I started reading it early this week. And I was really so happy and hooked on what I read that I downloaded the other 2 books that night before I slept coz I really wanted to follow the story.

C. C. Hunter really made a good job in this series. I can't believe this is her debut book coz it is so good. The idea of creating a world that caters to all supernatural is not totally unique but what made it special is because it is set in a teaching institution and it's full of teenage supernaturals. I really enjoyed reading about vampires drinking blood on a glass, werewolves turning into wolves during full moon, faeries having magical powers, shapeshifters changing to any form and witches casting spells everywhere. She really created a good balance of each character and it made me feel like it is inside an Xmen school ^_^

The story is really catching and a page turner. When I finished the 3rd book, Taken at Dusk, I got a little irritated coz I won't be able to read the next on anytime soon. I hope October arrives fast so I can read what happened to Kylie after the appearance of her dad.

The only gripe I have with this series is that there are times when the story becomes slow and then fast. The books are also connected, like, whatever happened on the last page of Born At Midnight (#1) is where Awake At Dawn (#2) will start and so on.. And it is bad because I hate cliff hangers -- it made me want to reach for the next book haha.. it means less sleep for me.


I really love this series and I will definitely get myself a hard copy when it get available locally. I haven't seen these books yet at Powerbooks (just like a lot of the books I've reviewed before) but I hope they just don't have it in stock and I can just walk in and buy it when I already have storage for new books.


- This is perfect for all ages especially for teenagers coz it shows morals and guidance without being preachy. I love the bits of advices it has throughout the books for young adults regarding the things that goes on in their lives like love, sex, friends, etc.

- For those who love reading about paranormals
- For those who want to feel young again ^_^

I'll end this with a sneak peek on the cover of Whispers at Moonrise book #4 of Shadow Falls Series.

Thanks for dropping by! See you this weekend for my product review ^_^

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