Sunday, July 15, 2012

Review: Skin Food Black Bean Eyel Line Pencil

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! ^_^

As promised, here's a review of a beauty product that I have been testing out. I got this from my mom who got it as a gift hehe..My mom receives a lot of beauty products from friends and clients and she never uses them (my mom is really simple) so a lot of them tend to fall on my hands. Two months ago, I was able to get 2 Korean products: Etude House Brow pencil and Skin Food Black Bean eyeliner-- and I was using them as much as I can so I can give an opinion about them.

I will review the Skin Food Black Bean Eye Line Pencil today. 

This eyeliner pencil doesn't need any sharpener because you just need to twist it to show/dispense more product. It also comes with a built in smudger for smoking out your eye makeup.


- It doesn't need to be sharpened

- It is very pigmented so it is easy to achieve a very black shade. Look how dark it is with just a couple of swipes!

- It comes with a smudger made of good quality sponge

- Very smooth and creamy so it doesn't tug on my lids (= less wrinkles)

- Can be used as a dark base for eyeshadows coz it can be blended quite easily


- It smudges like crazy! An eye primer doesn't help coz even if I tried waiting for it to dry (I wait for 5 minutes before blinking normally) it still transfers on my lids and migrate on my undereyes = instant raccoon look.

Can you imagine, just 5 minutes after I've done my makeup my eyes already looked like a raccoon?! This is the worst eyeliner I've tried coz eyeliners usually smudges on me after a couple of hours because I have oily lids but this doesn't even reach 10 minutes and I'm on a cool place...eek! Can't imagine using it during a humid day. I will just probably use this as a dark creamy base if I do a tutorial coz I really can't see myself going out with this on my eyes.. 

I gave it one for the pigmentation, texture and the packaging but since I can't use this due to the notorious smudging, I can't give it a higher rating. 

Thank you for dropping by! Watch out for my review on the Etude House eyebrow pencil :)


zed chu said...

Thanks for making this review! I've been eyeing this for quite sometime. Buti na lang. :D
BTW, I'm using Etude House Eyebrow pencil, yung refill nga lang which I fitted on a different pencil housing. I like its angle, very easy to apply on your brows! Featured din sa blog ko. :D

Pammy said...

Yikes! Smudges that quickly? It's definitely not something that can withstand our humid weather. Thanks for the review.

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Zed! Yeah, i like the angle of the eyebrow pencil too :)

Pammy -Yup! I don't think it's meant for hot weather coz it melts so fast :(

aMz88 said...

omoh ng smudge tlga agad, reminds me of elf..this happened to me too. ive heard in2it liner is great :) i use liquid liners so far dolly wink and etude house are the best for me ^^

Crystal Gale said...

Amz - yeah super smudge especially if I'll apply a thick line and I want it to be super black.. Thanks for the reco ^_^

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