Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kpop Updates: Super Junior, T-Ara, SNSD, Oneday (2AM+2PM)

Hello Kpop addicts! Here's another Kpop update for you guys, although I know you probably have seen these already hehe ^_^

1. Super Junior's new singles: "Sexy, Free & Single" and "For You"

I think "Sexy, Free & Single" is another hit for Super Junior. It really has a catchy lyrics and melody (although there's a one line that is weird when you first hear it -- 

You can hear "Sexy, free and single I'm ready to bingo" BUT it is written like this:
"Sexy, free and single I'm ready too. Bingo"

Bingo used as an alternative for "yahoo"

Anyway, I love the song and the dance and the sexiness of each member. They looked more buff than before especially Siwon, Leeteuk, Sungmin and Donghae...Hotness overload ^_^

Here's a live performance of "Sexy, Free and Single" + "For You" which is their thank you song for all the ELFs all over the worlds ^_^

I really liked the first part of "For You" especially because Leeteuk (as the leader and the rightful representative of SuJu) said it in English so that all of their fans can understand.

"This song is dedicated to the world's biggest fan club, the ELF
My girls, my angels"

I was so happy hearing those words and also KRY (Kyuhun, Ryewok, Yesung) sang it with emotions. They really have great voices ^_^

2. Collaboration of 2AM and 2PM (Oneday) = "One Day"
I really love JYP Entertainment coz they gave 2AM and 2PM a single (even though it's Japanese)! Fans like me who both love 2AM and 2PM as a group were really happy to see the boys together again officially. There have been a couple of special stage performance where these 2 joined forces but nothing beats an official production, right? ^_^

Here's their first official project as ONEDAY (2AM+2PM) and they are singing "One Day"

I love this! I hope JYP Entertainment can do a JYP Family Concert here in the Philippines so I can watch them live ^_^

3. T-Ara's comeback with new members in their new single "Day by Day"

I'm not really sure why T-ara's company added 2 new members when 7 are already enough and not everyone can sing a part. I think the problem is the distribution of the lines so I don't get it why they needed to add 2 more wherein they can't even handle 7...This really beats good reasoning. Anyway, they introduced Dani, the 14-year-old new member who grew up in the US, in this MV. I loved the concept of this MV coz it feels like I'm watching an RPG game or something with sexy girls that know how to kick ass 

Love how Hyomin looks great as a redhead. She really looks like an anime character. The others looked great too ^_^

Their live performance of "Day by Day" also showed the other new member. Her name is Ahreum (which I think is a really cool and unique name) and she has a great singing voice which is I guess the reason she was added.Check her out in this live performance.

I'm not sure if I love the song per se, but that's maybe because I personally prefer their dance/disco type of songs like "Lovey, Dovey" and "Roly Poly" which showcased their dancing abilities. ^_^

Even though T-ara is a 9-member group now, I think they are still one of the best Kpop girl groups and is ever evolving. I will continue to support the group and also the new members coz it's not their fault that they are added in the end when the group is already famous.

4. Girls Generation/ SNSD released another Japanese single "Paparazzi"

Even though this is not really a Kpop song, I will still include this here because I love SNSD and they are a Kpop group albeit they are singing Japanese songs. I prefer the dance version of the MV so that's the one I will post here.

This one is really catchy. I can't help but sing along with this song. It has the same feel with "Mr. Taxi" their other Japanese song (I liked that too). I haven't seen a good footage of their live performance of this so I can't share anything with you guys. I'm not sure if it's because there's only a few music programs in Japan and also fewer who has HD cameras or no one has uploaded it yet at Youtube. Regardless, I still love the quality of this dance MV released by SME.

Paparazzi is a song that fits SNSD's style because it's catchy, has a good dance step and their voices fit this type of dance songs. I love their stage costumes but I'm not sure what's the connection of a tuxedo in being a celebrity. I think if they wore something like their costume in TTS Twinkle, it would fit better hehe well that's just my personal opinion :)

Thank you for dropping by!


I am Absolutely not Bored said...

I love Super Junior's "Sexy, Free, and Single"! It's so catchy. But my Ryeowook doesn't have much ad lib, unlike Kyuhyun and Yesung. Hmp. Haha. :)

Where is 2NE1, by the way? Their latest song, "I Love You", is interesting. :)

Crystal Gale said...

^ Hehe I'm not actually a total fan of 2NE1 that's why I didn't include them here...I love some of their songs but not all :)

Hao Dinh Thi said...

i love Kpop Updates

Crystal Gale said...

Thank you!! I will try to post more Kpop updates in the future :)