Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Gale Eats: Kogi Restaurant

Hello again! Me and my aunt went out for lunch yesterday in the new mall at Divisoria. I forgot the name of the mall but it has a feel of Glorietta. You can find great shops and restaurants and even coffee shops inside so I can safely conclude that the mall's target customers are the Chinese community and the other Class A & B in the area of Divisoria.

We have decided to eat at the Korean restaurant there called Kogi Bulgogi coz I love Korean food and I haven't tried that restaurant yet.

We ordered 2 dishes:

JJAJANGMYUN - this is made up of wheat noodles, black soy bean paste, vegetables and small strips of meat. This is the most delivered noodles in Korea according to Wikipedia and this is the first time I have eaten this on a Korean restaurant locally. I usually buy the instant version on Korean grocery stores but this is better. 

WHAT I LIKED: It has the perfect consistency of noodles and it doesn't taste too sweet which sometimes happen in instant versions. It is also affordable and can be shared by 2 people if you have other dishes.

WHAT I HATE: The only problem I have with this is that, you can hardly taste the meat because they are so small and minute in number. It feels like there's no meat at all. Oh, and this is quite messy so make sure to have a napkin on hand and be cautious of your clothes.

BIBIMBAP - Rice with different stir fried vegetables, egg, and beef. 

It comes in a heated stone bowl like this:

WHAT I LIKE: It taste so good! One of the best bibimbap I tried locally. Rice is not soggy and the vegetables are well flavored. I love how they cooked the meat like they are bacon bits. It gave a nice flavor to the dish. Another plus point is that they didn't mixed the chili paste on the rice so you can control the spiciness of the dish.

WHAT I HATE: Again, the meat in this dish is so little (Around 1 tbsp only of meat bits)! It's like you can't see any bits of meat once you mixed everything together. We even asked the waiter if it has meat coz we can't see anything. Luckily, they gave us another batch of meat to add in this dish coz my aunt can't believe it's supposed to be that amount only.

They also serve FREE refillable side dishes -- kimchi, kangkong, banana heart, bean sprouts, dilis (anchovies) and sweet potato & banana.

WHAT I LIKE: These are free and they taste good. I liked the kimchi, bean sprouts and dilis the best. They go nicely with my bibimbap. You can also ask for refills if you like.

WHAT I DON'T LIKE: You can only refill this once. I prefer the one in Bulgogi Brothers wherein it's unlimited side dishes.


I liked the dishes we got and also the side dishes, they are priced affordably and the serving amount is good with pretty plating.  BUT they are so stingy with the meat on their dishes. It's like you're just paying for a meat dish full of vegetables and little meat. 

WILL RE-VISIT KOGI? I'll probably go back for the jjajangmyun whenever I visit Divisoria but I won't go there for meat dishes. I prefer Bulgogi Brothers for meats coz they taste better and the serving sizes are bigger with only a slight price difference.

Would you know if Kogi have a branch somewhere North? I live in Quezon City and Divisoria is too far from my place.  Thanks!

Thanks for dropping by!

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