Friday, July 20, 2012

Review: Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil

Hello everyone! As promised, here's the review of Etude House Eyebrow Pencil that I got from my mom (who got it as a gift from a friend who came back from Korea). I've been testing this out for a couple of months now, but I don't use this on a regular basis because I have naturally thick brows and I don't actually feel the need to fuss with my brows that much. I decided to try this because Nayoung of Oiseau88 at Youtube loves this eyebrow pencil and it looked great on her ^_^

It looks like this and it comes in a gray color.

It has 2 ends. The first is the slanted retractable eyebrow pencil which made it easy to apply because of the angle and there's no need for sharpening because it is automatic...

...and the spoolie end to brush the hair in place and also blend the color in the eyebrows. 

Here's a swatch of it on the back of my hand:

It gives a very light grayish brown color which is not too harsh and it looks natural on me. Here's what it looks like applied on my brows :)

Sorry for the dark circles...I had a troublesome sleep the other night and it's still obvious until now hehe ^_^


- It gives a very natural finish on my eyebrows. No one can see I have done something on them even if I applied too much. 

- The shade gray is perfect for those with dark brown hair coz it doesn't add any darkness like when I tried the dark brown eyebrow powder form The Body Shop. This color didn't made my eyebrows look harsh.

- This lasted well on me and it fades nicely.

- Didn't caused me any allergies or breakouts.

- I love the angle of the liner because it made filling up my brows easier.

- This can be blended easily too by the use of spoolie. I love the brush end ^_^

- Doesn't need to be sharpened.

- Perfect for travelling coz it's very compact and you don't need to bring a separate brush with it.


- It's easy to over apply because you can't actually see how dark your brows are unless you looked in the mirror and see your whole face....but you can blend it easily and it would look normal again.


I love this eyebrow pencil. It makes my eyebrows look polished without making them too harsh. I really recommend this to those girls who are looking for something natural looking for their brows ^_^

Thanks for dropping by!


Pammy said...

I am currently using this brow pencil and I like it too plus the fact that it is inexpensive and refillable. Nice review :)

Keeza Villanueva said...

This is always sold out in Etude Megamall. that's why i ended up with another brand. I promised i'd hoard once this is available.:)

i envy your suppeeer nipis tlg...that is why i fake it with brows liners

Crystal Gale said...

Pammy - I didn't know it's refillable pala. Thanks for the info :)

Keeza - Thanks! That's actually the thinnest brows I had, mas makapal siya when I was younger and halos dikit na yung gitna hehe :)

The Girl Can Rock said...

sorry can I ask what is the color of this eye brown pencil. Which number 1 2 3 4 5 or 6?