Thursday, August 9, 2012

After the week long "Habagat Attack"

Hello everyone! I hope all of you and your love ones are safe after this week long raining that happened. The worst happened last August 7 and I am so sad seeing all the news about the affected areas (and that was a lot worse than when Ondoy hit3 years ago) and to think there's no typhoon!

I am lucky that our house is located at a high point in our subdivision and so we were not reached by the floods (we just became an island coz all the exits around our street were flooded) but a lot of my friends are not so lucky. I was actually so worried for my boyfriend who was all alone in their house that have no second floor (just an open rooftop). I can't go to him and help because their place got submerged with flood water so quickly and there's no way any kind of vehicle can pass through. Luckily, he was able to bring a lot of their important stuff and his pets on their rooftop before the flood reached their house. I am also thankful to God that the water didn't go up too much and reach the rooftop because he would have no where to go since he's already on the roof. 

I was able to get him this morning and he is now living with his cousin so I know he is safe. I asked him to transfer residences even though it is not raining hard anymore because there's news from PAGASA this morning that it will still rain hard until Saturday (although I hope they are wrong) and the continues hard rain since 12am this morning scared us so much. Also, they still don't have electricity and the place is dirty after the water receded so it's better to stay on a clean place for the meantime.

God is good because He made the rain stop for a couple of hours already and I can see clear sky now. This will help the flooded areas and the dams to have enough time for the water to lower down so that when it does rain later it will not be too high..Better yet, I hope and pray the sun will shine all day long ^_^

A lot of places are affected and are in dire need of food, water and other essential stuff like clothes and blankets. If you wanted to donate, you can check out these places.

1. Claud Baron - (a Girltalker) owner of Cha Dao Tea Place started a drive and used some of her branches as drop off points for relief goods.

2. CARA Phils - Have started a relief drive for both humans and pets..They are in need of volunteers and also donations.

3. Different organizations like:

I hope we can help a lot of people during this time of need. Just make sure that you are donating to legit organizations and that the goods you are giving will reach the families. This is the reason why I prefer to give in private organizations rather than the government ones because I saw during Ondoy that they can't do a proper job in distributing. This is just my personal opinion.

Thank you for dropping by and keep safe!

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