Friday, August 24, 2012

First Impressions & English Subbed Videos...

So it's been 2 weeks already since Faith and To The Beautiful You have aired. I would just like to share with you all my first impression of the dramas and also some links to the videos with great quality English subtitles :)


I really have a high expectation with this drama because Lee Min Ho is in it and he is a great actor. After watching the first 4 episodes, I am so glad I am not disappointed. Aside from the fact that he looked good in his warrior attire, he also did not disappoint with his acting. I was hooked from the very beginning because it combined fantasy and period so it is quite new for me. I love the fact that some of the characters have magical powers too and the director did a great job on making them look real. The only thing I am kind of iffy about is the narration of the past event because they showed it in a cartoonized version.

Here are the subbed videos done by Kimchidramas. I love watching there because they sub fast and the quality is superb on both video and subtitle =)

TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU (Hana Kimi Korean Version)

As I've said before, I am a fan of the manga where this is based and I am in love with the Japanese live action (the original version..I didn't like the remake) so I have a very high criteria. The Taiwanese version didn't met it a couple of years back and I was a bit iffy about this too coz Minho is not actually an actor so I'm not sure if he can do it properly. 

After watching the first 4 episodes, I am definitely glad I gave this one a chance. Sulli surpassed my expectation. I was worried she'd be too girly for the role but she really did a great job in acting as a boy. Her acting is good too so I will definitely be expecting more from her from now on. I am also happy with the actor who portrayed Nakatsu though. He fits the character perfectly! Although he is not as handsome as Ikuta Toma, he still were able to portray the role perfectly so I don't mind. Can't say much about Minho because all of his scenes rarely have dialogues and he always have that blank bored look. :)

WE GOT MARRIED (first airing after the London Olympics)

For this week's We got Married, they have introduced a new couple -- Kang Julien and Yoon Se Ah.
After watching episode 1, I really believe I will like them. I was getting tired of the WooJung couple lately so this new addition will be a fresh new start. They are both actors and Julien is a foreigner so it would be really interesting to watch how this older/mature couple will act. I think this will be more realistic because of them are old enough to look for a real partner :)

Links from Kshownow ^_^

Enjoy the videos! 

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