Monday, October 22, 2012

My new hair :)

Happy Monday! I just wanted  to do a quick update. I decided to have my hair cut this weekend because it is getting too long and heavy and I am getting bored on how I look hehe. I tried Bench Fix salon in E. Rodriguez, the one in front of St. Lukes Medical Center. Haircut there is quite cheap, only Php230. I am used to paying more than Php500 for a haircut coz I don't like going to salons that pushes products and treatments on me (Bench Fix is in malls are prone to these pushing) but I'm glad I tried this branch. The hair stylist named Martin is really great! He is the first stylist to ever gave me the type of haircut I want -- stylish but low maintainance.

Here's how we looked like after the hair cut. My sister loved hers too coz she only asked the stylist to cut her hair and give it some style so she can grow her hair prettily. While I asked for full bangs with layers because I want to cover my forehead haha :)

I was worried that I won't be able to maintain this style because I don't have a blow drier at home but Martin suggested I just need a good hair brush and I can just dry my hair in front of the electric fan. I was able to achieve the same look without doing anything to my hair! It's so low maintainance :)

I am actually happy with the result. I'm glad I jumped in and went with the hairstyle I liked since time immemorial. I really recommend you go and try Martin at Bench Fix Salon in E. Rodriguez. He listens well to what you want and he is very detailed. I plan on coming back to him for treatments too :)

for Martin: 5/5 :)
For the salon: 4/5 

Thanks for dropping by!


herroyalbleakness said...

Great hair, Gale! :) It's so nice to find good stylists without having to spend too much.

Askmewhats said...

Bagay!!!! I love your new haircut! Speaking of haircut, I am in dire need of it pero I'm still waiting to feel better as I can't bear the scent of salon pa for now!!! Kaya nga I did DIY cut na muna sa bangs ko, sobrang haba na! LOL :)

Hope to see you soon!

Ida said...

Pretty! I think the bangs bring more attention to your eyes. :)

Crystal Gale said...

Arg - Thank you! I'm just glad I found a cheaper alternative too :)

Nikki - Lucky you, you know how to DIY your haircut... I don't know how I will trim my bangs if it got longer haha :)

Ida - Thank you! :)