Sunday, November 25, 2012

OMG!!! Have you watched Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel's wedding coverage at ABS-CBN tonight?! If not, you missed a lot! It's really the most fairytale and romantic wedding I have seen in my whole life. It beats all the ones I've seen in movies and drama and even read on books. I (my sis... and I bet majority of the women who watched it too) really cried buckets while watching it because it was so sweet and you can really feel their love for each other. 

Before, whenever someone asks me who my ideal guy is, I don't have a ready answer because I have so many crushes in the entertainment industry that I don't know who to chose BUT NOW, I have my answer..Zoren Legaspi. I really think he is the modern day Prince Charming. His devotion and love for Carmina really showed through. Can you imagine, he took care of every details on their wedding all alone? And he thought of all the things that can make Carmina happy. I don't think any one can name a groom who did this for his's usually the bride who is excited and all out on trying to make her dream wedding come true.

Everything is perfect and I am so happy for this family. I don't think anyone can top this surprise proposal/wedding. According to a friend of mine, "Zoren brought the bar up too high for all the guys who will propose...".

NicePrint Photography really did a great job on capturing all the moments during the wedding. Here's their onsite photos:

This wedding really made all the women hope and wish that they can also experience a magical moment like this. I know I do! 

Here's another video that summarized everything that happened:

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