Monday, November 26, 2012

Review: Artist Studio Brushes

Happy Monday! It's the start of November's last week and I am so excited for December to come. Christmas is less than 30 days away! Yipee! ~

Okay, I have found a new discovery that even if they are priced higher, I would still buy them. I found these great brushes at Landmark Trinoma and they are from a line called Artist Studio. I have been testing them out for a couple of weeks already and here's what I thought about them :) 

I got the following:

*sorry about the dirty brushes. I haven't washed them yet for this week hehe ^_^

1. Angled flat top brush - Php99.75

Perfect for applying liquid foundation/bb creams

2. Blush brush - P149.75? (I lost the packaging so I can't be sure but this is less than Php200)

I love using this for applying powder and blushes. It fits my face size pefectly.

3. Domed shape crease brush - Php59.75

*compared the size with MAC 217 brush*

I use this for blending undereye concealer. I got it for this purpose only hehe because I love how MAC 217 blends my concealer but I only have one blending brush so I was looking for an alternative and I found this. Luckily, it works!

4. Angled liner brush - Php49.75

*Sorry the photo is a little blurry. I can't seem to make my digicam to focus on this brush.

Perfect for applying precise eyeliner and brow color. I needed one because the pointed eyeliner brush from Suesh is not working anymore. It keeps on getting stiff and it doesn't distribute the eyeliner perfectly so I need a replacement. I don't want to buy a liner brush worth more than 200 and I'm so glad this is cheap! I can get a lot :)


- I loved the rose gold ferrule, the white tips and the brownish color on the hairs. It made the brushes looks more expensive than what they really are. All of the brushes in this line costs less than Php200 and the eyeshadow brushes costs less than Php100!

- Made from very soft high quality synthetic hairs. They are really, really soft and doesn't scratch my sensitive skin.

- They did not bleed whenever I wash them with baby shampoo. No shedding too!

- They also don't have a scent to them which I liked. I hated the wet dog smell other brushes have.

- The brushes do their function properly which is great. Who wants a brush that doesn't work, right?

- They keep their shape even after washing.

- The ferrule is solid. It doesn't shake at all which surprised me. It really has a good quality.

- They are packed with hairs! I can't believe these brushes are not flimsy. Even other expensive ones sometimes are flimsy (like Lumiere fibre optic brushes).


- There's no name for each brush. You really need to know what you're looking for when you buy these brushes at the department store.

- They come in clear plastic pouches with carton to keep the shape. Although you can use them to travel, \I won't suggest it coz I've made that mistake and I deformed a couple of them. Luckily, they came back to their original state after washing them.


Even without the individual label, I would still give this a perfect score. They have very good quality plus it's affordable. 

Definitely! I will go back and buy a couple more especially some doubles so I can use clean brushes everytime. I would also purchase some for Christmas coz it is the perfect gift for a girlfriend who loves makeup.

Thanks for dropping by!


Askmewhats said...

Nice, thanks for sharing, this is interesting! :)

kmmyp said...

Trinoma's so far from where I live and its hard to get home.
But I really want to try these brushes :(

Janet said...

the brushes looks nice plus the price ain't that bad too! thanks for sharing ^_~

Jemimah Reyes said...

I saw this the last time I went to Landmark, Trinoma! Now I feel bad about not getting at least one, haay. Thanks for sharing though, I will definitely revisit this when I get back to Trinoma. By the way, I'm a new follower :)


Crystal Gale said...

Hi Nikki! thanks for dropping by again :)

Kmmyp - Hi! the easiest way to go there is by MRT or LRT :)

Janet, I know! For the price, it's really good quality :)

Hi Jemimah! Thank you for subscribing! :)

Sharina said...

I saw these in Landmark and hesitated buying. Should have!!

The Misty Mom

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Sharina! Actually I hesitated too but my sis bought one since it's cheap and after I tried hers, I got some for myself too :)

Cj Escuadro said...

I was looking for any online store that sells Artist Studio brush,unfortunately I couldn't find any. :( Hayy it's so frustrating that this brush can only be found in Landmark Makati..if anyone knows an online seller that sells this kind of brush, please pls do tell me :( ..I'm soooooo drooling on this brush set :( Sucks not to live near Makati. :( I'm way too far (i'm from Mindanao).. :(

Gosh sorry sis, dito ata aq ngdrama! have a lovely blog by the way! very informaive posts!Keep it up! ;) Followed you thru GFC. :)

P.S I'm having my first blog giveaway,I hope you can join?

Cj from

Crystal Gale said...

Hi CJ! Thank you so much for liking and following my blog :)

About the brushes, I believe Landmark is the main distributor. What brushes from their line are you interested in? I can check them out if they are still available and I can just send them to you. Just email me at if you want my help in purchasing :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with the flat top brush! :)