Thursday, November 22, 2012

Personal: November update ~ Daily Blog?

Hello everyone! I think it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post and here's what I have been busy with :)

I'll start with my birthday...the previous days before that was spent at work so it's nothing fun haha 

1. My 27th birthday (NOVEMBER 15)

I can't believe I'm already 27. I still feel like I'm on my early 20s haha maybe my mind is the only thing that stayed young. When I asked my brother if I looked 27 years old already, he just asked me: "sa isip o sa itsura?" (in mind or body?) My brother believe I still think and acts immaturely for my age. Anyways, I still feel young and I am now enjoying a lot more freedom so that's the best thing that happened for me this year. I can now stay out very late with friends yay! :)

I spent my birthday working in the morning and watching Breaking Dawn Part 2 with my 11y/o cousin. My tita doesn't want to watch so she asked me if I can accompany Coleen in the movies since I am gonna watch it too. It was my first time going to Robinsons Magnolia and I enjoyed how clean it is. I just hope it is easier to commute from there.

Then, I had my favorite crispy pata for dinner. Yummy! That's my only request coz I really love eating that. Aside from the crispy pata, we also had Max's fried chicken which is also my family's favorite. I have been eating that since time immemorial haha :)

2. Lee Min Ho in Manila! (NOVEMBER 16)

Yep! The reason why I didn't had a birthday party is because I spent all my energy to meet Lee Min Ho at Araneta Coliseum! I went there super early and the line (for exchanging the invitations for the tickets) was already too long but everything was worth it. I was able to stand in front of the stage and I can clearly see him. I was, like, 6 rows from the stage! It's actually too hot there because everyone wants to go near so there were a lot of pushing going on. Luckily, we were able to stood our ground in the middle...I got training riding the MRT for a long time LOL.

The best part of this whole experience? I was able to enjoy this with my sister and my best friend so it was extra special :)

3. Bonding time with my special someone (NOVEMBER 17-18)

I spent the weekend with my bf because it's the only time we can go out and celebrate my birthday and our monthsary. We just spent it at home talking and playing with our dog. I'm lucky because both of us are home-body and we prefer to stay at home while watching a movie rather than going out. He cooked dinner for me and had ice cream. I also requested him to buy Vodka Ice so I can try it haha :)

4. Rescued 3 kittens (NOVEMBER 19)

I met with a client at QC Hall and on my way home, I found 3 abandoned kittens on the sidewalk. I'm worried that they might get hit by a car or something so I picked them up and brought them home. I know I can't keep them and I'm planning on bringing them to PAWS when I get to contact them. I have 3 cats already and I can't get more even if I want to because they will probably fight each other (my cats are a little territorial).

One of them is already a few weeks old (he's already walking and have his eyes open already) while the other 2 are newborns coz they still have umbilical cords (maybe 3-4 days old). So I'm really guessing they were thrown out by someone. 

I am used to getting puppies or kittens so I already have a feeding bottle at home and I used the nipple for newborns for them. I bought infant milk coz this have an approval seal from my veterinarian years ago for my puppies. I just add multivitamins to it so that it can help with their immune system as they probably have not had their mom's colostrum to help fight of illnesses.

I have them for 4 days now and the first 2 nights are a nightmare coz they wake me up every 2 hours to ask for milk. I felt sorry for my sister (we sleep in 1 bedroom) because she still need to go to work early in the morning and she can't sleep properly due to the crying. Luckily, last night was peaceful. I don't know what happened but I guess they were able to sleep throughout the night without getting hungry :)

I am really hoping that they can survive and grow into adults. All three of them have good sucking reflex and can drink lots of milk! They can also eliminate pretty well so I know they will not have problem in that area. I just hope PAWS can take care of them...I don't know how long I can foster for them since I also need to go to work so no one can feed them frequently. Please help me pray for these kittens.

So yeah, sorry if I can't post anything lately. I actually have no time to compose anything with all the things happening around me. Everyone and everything wants my attention so I got lost LOL. Hopefully I can come back into posting every other day once I delivered the kittens to PAWS and I have finished general cleaning the house (we have a lot of Japanese friends going here for a vacation) :)

Thanks for dropping by!


Askmewhats said...

awww Belated 27th birthday! bata ka pa din!! Ako nga 30s na feeling early 20s pa din! hahahahaha :)

Glad to read an update from you and seems busying busy ka :) Take care!

Hannan Nacasi said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you! Wow, you don't look 27, you look very much younger. I think that's a good thing though. :)

Janet said...

you look way more younger than 27! I thought you were just on your early 20's =) I'm a year older than you yet I look 30+..arrgh..T___T I guess its time for me to use anti-aging proucts..>_<

You are such a sweet person caring for those kittens~ My friend also share the same kindness like you. When she finds abandoned kittens, she will bring them along with her and take good care of them too ^_~

herroyalbleakness said...

Belated, Gale! Di halatang 27 :D

Crystal Gale said...

Nikki, Thank you! Naku if you didn't told me your age before I probably won't know you're on your 30s na...Akala ko same age tayo hehe :)

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Hanna! Thank you so much for the greeting and the compliment :)

Crystal Gale said...

Janet, you're so sweet. Thank you for the greeting and the compliment. Naku, you look younger din kaya. I thought nasa 24-25 ka lang :)

Crystal Gale said...

Thank you, Arg! Friend talaga kita haha :)