Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My Christmas Wishlist~

I am always excited for Christmas because it's my favorite holiday since I was a kid. All the family and friends' gatherings, gift givings, delicious foods and the very merry aura of everyone :)

I usually like writing down my wishlists...it's like I'm shopping for them through my notebook and this usually helps me control my spending because I tend to forget the items I want after writing them hehe ..Anyway, have you thought about your Christmas wishlist for this year? I have! For 2012, I am going gadget crazy ^_~

1. Sony Reader PRS-T2 in White (w/ the case of course)

I have been contemplating for a year now what ebook reader I wanted to buy for myself. At first I wanted an Amazon Kindle but the consumer feedback is not that good because they usually need to exchange it around 3-4 times before they can get a fully working gadget. I know it is cheap at around $70 only and if it is working the rating is 5/5 but the hassle of returning the product in case I get a defective one is not an option since I live in the Philippines and it would be expensive to ship it back to the US. 

I have also considered buying the BN Nook Glow because of the backlight but there's a lot of consumer reviews saying the technology of the light is not yet perfected and just caused some problems. This is the same with the new Kindle Paperwhite which I also considered. So then I have decided to just get a basic one.

And there comes Sony. It is a very established brand for making high quality electronics so I don't think I'll need to worry about quality. Although the Sony Reader PRS-T2 is just a basic ereader (nothing flashy like a backlight) with WiFi and is quite pricey if compared to the competitions at $129, I love the fact that this has expandable memory. It also has a very responsive touch screen and an option to use physical buttons to change pages. The design is very sleek too and looks way better that the others. My only problem is that, Sony Philippines doesn't sell this and they can't order it for me. So I don't know where to purchase this...Any idea?

2. Samsung Galaxy Camera (in White)

Doesn't it look nice? I am so in love with it! It has a 16MP camera, 21x Optical Zoom, can record a full HD video, WiFi connectivity and has an Android Jelly bean processor. It also has a capacity to operate Instagram if I want to send it directly from the camera. It is so pretty to look at too :)

I am due to change my digital camera because it is dying on me already. I have used it very well for at least 3 years and it is time for it to rest. I am considering buying a Canon point-and-shoot but then my bf showed me this and I changed my mind. This model will arrive here in the Philippines this December and I am excited to see it in person and also to know how much it is. While others take pictures with their tablets and smart phones to upload on their Instagram or FB, I am gonna use a high quality digital camera haha it would be so fun to use especially with the way it looks. It's like the son of a digital camera and galaxy s3 ^_^

3. Clarisonic Mia  (in Turquoise)

It's been 4 years since the hype exploded in the Beauty Community here in Blogger world and on Youtube about Clarisonic. I have watched/read a lot of reviews of bloggers who have used this for more than 2 years already and I got convinced by PBunnie's  review on this because she's been using hers for more than 3 years already and her Clarisonic is still going strong. Her skin is also smooth and flawless which I wanted. According to her, after using the Clarisonic for more than 6 months(?) her pimple and blackhead problems disappeared and that's my hope to happen to me if I ever purchase this. I have clogged pores (since I'm oily) especially on my T-zone area and that's why my forehead can never be free of bumps and since this tool is meant to clarify your skin, I think this will be a great investment.

I don't have makeup lemmings anymore because as I got older I tended to lean more in investing for my skin. I also don't use a lot of makeup now and have decided to just use up everything on my collection instead of buying. So what about you guys? What's your Christmas wishlist?

Thanks for dropping by!


Askmewhats said...

ay! di ko pa naiisip ang Christmas Wishlist ko! Pero same as you I am leaning on to taking care of my skin din! Bongga ang Sony Reader! Mukhang nice!!!

krissy ♥ said...

The Samsung Galaxy camera is so niiiiiiiice <3

There are Kindles in TriNoma and SM Cyberzones (:

J.A. Guevarra said...

Gusto ko rin ng e-reader kaso, hindi ko pa rin alam kung nao bang bagay sa'kin.

Yung camera ba, pwede rin siyang phone? :D

Parang okay din 'yung last item.
Dami kong blackheads! Oily din kasi mukha ko. >:D

Crystal Gale said...

Nikki - I guess as our age increases our need for healthier skin is becoming more important hehe :)

Krissy - Yeah, they have but the price is doubled eh. But thanks for the info! :)

J.A. - It's really hard to decide noh? You can put a sim card on the cam for the 3G but I don't think you can make a call unless you use skype :)