Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Review: Suesh Korean Eyeshadows

Good day to all of you! I am happy today because I was able to get a very nice deep sleep last night so I feel relaxed :)

Going to the purpose of this post, I wanted to share with you a great find I had last week. I have been testing it out (with my sis) for a couple of days already and I am satisfied with my purchase.

I got these brand-less eyeshadows from the Suesh stall at Trinoma. It caught my eyes because the colors are beautiful and you can customize your own palette (option of 3, 6, 9, 12 eyeshadow palettes) just like with Inglot. This is made in Korea and hypoallergenic according to the SA.  And the best part? Each eyeshadow only cost Php90! How affordable is that? :) 

It comes in a clear plastic case as this is meant to be placed in an empty palette.And if you do decide to get a palette, it has a discount.

I only got 2 shades because I wanted to test out the pigmentation first and if it will not irritate my eyes. Here are the 2 shades I got:

Both shades are matte and I chose black (E029) and white (E001) coz those are the most versatile for me.

PRICE: Php90
NET WT: 3.5g

SWATCH: (Note: This swatch has no eyeshadow base underneath... )

- It is actually quite pigmented even without base. I can build up the intensity of the color too.

- Smudge-proof. I tried removing the swatch at the back of my hand by rubbing and I can't remove all. I ended up washing my hand with soap and water just to totally clean it up hehe. 
On my eyes (again, even without base) it doesn't smudge..and I have oily lids so that's an achievement.

- Long wearing. Here's a picture I took yesterday when I used it as an eyeliner without any base. This shot is taken after 9hours of wear and it just faded a little. It still looks very obvious as if I just wanted a light wash of black liner :)

- Very affordable. Only Php90 for 3.5g of product. Locally available too.

- Customizable palette. I will definitely go back and get myself a palette and fill it up with must-have colors :)

- Hypoallergenic according to the SA. It didn't caused any irritation to me or my sis and we both have sensitive skin so I guess it's true :)

- The ingredients list is in English.

- There's no expiration date on the packaging.

- If you just wanted 1 eyeshadow, you'll end up with a clear plastic case as a container.

If only it has an expiration date printed and an option for a single eyeshadow, this is perfect. I don't care if it's brand-less because even those 88 palettes are generic. As long as it won't irritate my eyes and it has good pigmentation, it's okay :)

WILL I REPURCHASE? Definitely! I'll get an empty magnetic palette and fill it up with my everyday colors so I'll just need to bring it withe me if I'm traveling :)

This also comes in blushes so I'll test those out too :)

Thanks for dropping by!


Janet said...

thank you sharing =) I'll check out suesh soon. I hope there are plenty of shades to choose from ^_~

Askmewhats said...

nice may eyeshadows na pala sila! Thanks for sharing

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Janet! Yup, they have a lot of options naman :)

Nikki - yeah, may blushes and lipsticks din :)