Monday, November 5, 2012

Review: Lip Smacker Lip Balm in Cotton Candy

Howdy! I'm back from my long weekend vacation! And guess what I got there aside from eating a lot of delicious foods and bonding my cousins -- An ankle sprain! Definitely placed a damper on my happy holidays =/

Anyway, I'm gonna do a review on another lipbalm product. You know me, I can't stop trying out lipbalms as I have very dry chappy lips so I'm quite a hoarder and get easily attracted to them hehe. And when it comes to flavored lipbalms on a stick, we all know Lip Smacker is one of the popular ones and it is now (well, I just saw it..not sure how long they've been around) readily available at Watsons so I gave it a try :)

 I got the Cotton Candy flavor :)

Here's what it looks like:
NET WT: 0.14oz / 4g

PRICE: Php125 

Here's a BEFORE and AFTER pictures:


- It gives an instant boost of moisture that lasts a long time. 

- Even after eating/drinking I can still feel that my lips are still moisturized

- This did not give me any irritations.

- Comes in a tube packaging which is great for those who doesn't like dipping their fingers in a pot. 
Very hygienic and travel friendly.

- This comes in a variety of flavors so everyone will definitely get something to suit their taste.

- This comes clear and won't affect the color of your lipstick.

- Can be used as  a lipgloss too if you hate sticky glosses like me.

- Bonne Bell Cosmetics is the company who made Lip Smacker and as of now, it is still a cruelty-free brand.

- Available locally at Watsons.


- Price. Although P125 is okay with me, there's some people who might think this is expensive for a lipbalm.

- I hope there's an option for a tinted lipbalm 


I love this product! Definitely a must have in your kikay kit. Fits perfectly in your pocket too so you can just take this out whenever you need it. I also liked the fact that I got this locally as I've been itching to try this since I was a kid whenever I read about Lip Smacker lipbalms on Archie Comics and Sweet Valley books hehe :)

WILL I REPURCHASE? Definitely! I will collect all the flavors :)

Thanks for dropping by! 


Askmewhats said...

Grabe parang super tagal na tong Lip Smacker na to! available na pala dito yan! Thanks for the review! I used to read them in international magazines pa highschool days ko pa!

Crystal Gale said...

Nikki, akala ko ako lang. Nagulat nga ako nung makita ko siya sa Watsons eh hehe :)