Friday, December 21, 2012

Review: Bench Jeans

Happy Friday! Yay, it's weekend tomorrow and let's celebrate that it's not the end of the world like what the Mayan's says hehe... just kidding, I didn't really believe in all those predictions coz no one can know when the world ends except for Him who created it :)

Today I wanted to share my personal opinion about the jeans I hauled last month when I needed to spend a lot of money to get tickets for the Lee Min Ho fan meeting. Me and my sis actually ended up with 5 jeans and 1 shorts plus a couple of other small knicknaks just so we can reach the required amount. This is the first time I ever bought jeans from Bench and so I have no idea about their quality or what-not. I liked how the jeans felt and fit when I tried them on the store so I ended up with almost an all jeans purchase. So, for first impressions, I loved each piece I got. I've worn and washed them a lot already so it's time to give a review. Here's my thoughts on them :)


- The material used are all soft and they doesn't scratch my skin. Very light too so it's not too warm to use.

- I liked the fact that they cost me under Php800 only per jeans. It's really affordable so I didn't think twice.

- The fit ration of the waist band and the hip area is perfect for my shape. I have a hard time finding jeans that fit well so it was really surprising to find something that fits perfectly.

- You have a lot of designs (colors, cut, fit, etc) to choose from.


- The quality is so poor for the price. It felt like I just bought a Php200 pair from Divisoria. 
Out of the 5 jeans I got, 3 of them sucked:

           > the color faded after the first wash. It bled so bad and the other clothes that was washed with it got stained blueish green. They now looked so old even though they are only a month old and have only been worn and washed for 3-4x. Every washing makes the color fade more.

           > 2 of them stretched after the first wash and it doesn't fit good anymore. My butt looks weird because it doesn't fit perfectly in the crotch area. The legs stretched too so they're not flattering.

          > one of the jeans also got a weird texture after the first wash. "Naghimulmol" is the right term. It really looked like I have washed it a dozen times already instead of once.

- The material used got thinner and thinner after very wash and I felt like I'm wearing leggings instead of jeans.


For the price, it's definitely not worth it. I guess all the money goes to advertisement when it comes to Bench's budget instead of focusing on the quality of the clothes. I will never buy clothing again at Bench because even their undergarments are poor quality. If at first I was happy I got a lot of jeans, now, I hope I just bought other stuffs like bags or food or even panties. 

The only purchase I enjoyed were the shorts and shirt because that didn't stretched as much but the color faded already so they look old now. I still wear them because they fit nice. 

What about you? What's your favorite brand of jeans? I'm looking for good quality jeans right now. I love the fit of Jag jeans but the usual problem I get from them is the thinning of the material in the butt area. So please suggest some good brands to buy denim :)

Thank you for dropping by!


Kari said...

Hi Gale, I'm biased on this one, but I hope you could try Penshoppe or Oxygen jeans. Would love to hear of your personal, honest experience with them too. :)

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Kari! I haven't tried jeans from those brands...Sige I'll give them a try. Thank you for the suggestion :)

lightingfx said...

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Crystal Gale said...

Hi! Thanks for reading my blog :)

Liz Strebel Andal said...

try topshop and wrangler :)