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Movie Review: Sisterakas

Happy Saturday everyone! 
I can't believe I'll be doing a review about a Filipino movie on my blog. I rarely watch movies and I am really picky which movies to watch but this one really caught my attention this Christmas season so I gave in and watched "Sisterakas" with my sis and her bf (yeah, I know, chaperone role LOL) ~

Anyways, since I have watched it and I have a lot to say about it, I decided to do a post and review it :)

DIRECTOR: Wenn V. Deramas
Vice Ganda as Bernice
Ai-Ai Delas Alas as Detty
Kris Aquino as Roselle
Kathryn Bernardo as Kathy
Daniel Padilla as Angelo
Xyriel Manabat as Cindy

This is a story of Bernice and Detty, half-siblings that had different childhoods. As an adult, they met again but the role became reversed as Bernice became a very wealthy and successful businessman and Detty became poor. And then the arch rival of Bernice, Roselle, comes in to the story who is always trying to beat him in the business.

This is one of the 8 MMFF entries of 2012 that were shown this December 25. It became a blockbuster film on its first couple of days and is now considered the 2nd highest grossing Filipino film of all time (only second to Praybeyt Benjamin who is also starred by Vice Ganda). Nationwide earning: 1st day - P40M, doubled on the second day and it reached P207M after 7 days. Latest is P300M on it's 11th day airing.


I really enjoyed watching the movie. I think this is the second Filipino movie that I laughed so hard...first one being "Here Comes The Bride" in 2010. Vice Ganda and Ai Ai Delas Alas really carried the whole film from the beginning until the dull moment. Kris Aquino, although part of the main cast, is actually forgettable. I've read that she was supposed to be the one playing Detty but needs to back out due to health reasons and since it is against the rules of MMFF for actors to back out, they just replaced her and hired Ai-Ai for the main role and gave Kris a smaller role to play.

That being said, I believe it is for the better. I think Kris doesn't suit the role of Detty in the first place and it is to the advantage of the film when they replaced her with Ai Ai who is really meant for comedy roles. Vice Ganda and Ai Ai's interactions on the film were never awkward and each line was delivered perfectly (comedic timing and all). Every scene has something funny to show so I never got bored while watching the film.

The clothes and makeup that Kris and Vice wore were stunning! I can't believe they were able to carry those crazy almost avante garde designs. And Ai Ai was always wearing bright color blocking clothes too hehe. I think among the three, Vice Ganda carried the clothes the best because he looks like a model with his height and built. 

There are also a lot of cringe worthy scenes and it made me curl on my seat in the cinema while watching haha... those scenes are crazy and I can't help but think what those guys felt and think after the shooting. Well, they might laughed at the absurdity too plus they were paid in the first place and the movie did really well to top it so I think they'll forget the experience LOL.

I just had to mention this, Kathryn Bernardo looks stunning in this film! I can't believe she is the same girl on the "Princess and I" that I see on TV every night. No wonder Daniel Padilla fell for her coz she's probably more beautiful in person. Oh, and I would really love to copy her makeup in the movie coz it's simple yet gorgeous. I can't find a clear still photo from the movie but it's the perfect "no makeup makeup look" :)


I love it! I really recommend you all watch this film. I think it is the best among all the entries in MMFF, IMO, because it is really entertaining. Although, "One More Try" is the another option if you love drama rather than comedy.

Did you guys also watched any of the MMFF entries this year? What did you see? :)

Thanks for dropping by!


NOTE: I just posted this on my FB...Saw this article because of Kris Aquino's Twitter post when I visited the #sisterakas hash tag. I just wanted to post it here too, I hope you don't mind.

Movie Review of Sisterakas by JIE Teodoro

GMA NEWS never fail to amaze me with their biased write ups. I don't watch them nor do I read Inquirer because they usually give biased reports about everything. And this is one solid proof of that.

They can't accept the fact that their films for this year's MMFF were not recognized and did not become blockbuster as compared to the top 2 highest grossing film this year (Sisterakas and One More Try) which are made by Star Cinema.

And since they are very bitter, they wrote a "movie review" just to point out all the negatives about the movie and the casts while still trying to be "positive" by "praising" the director and AiAi Delas Alas for their "capability if given a good project/opportunity" to appear as if they are giving an unbiased opinion to the readers. I am using a lot of quotation marks because they are not true and were just used as covers for their intention of bashing everything and everyone on ABS CBN/Star Cinema camp. I think they chose those two to be praised because they have already established a name for themselves and they can get in trouble.

What I can't get is the fact that the writer blames Sisterakas for having recycled storyline as Tanging Ina Series and for having tag lines to advertise their endorsements BUT they can't see that the Enteng Kabisote movies are worst because it's been redone every year since 2004 and the story were the same since I was a child (Okay Ka Fairy Ko). Isn't that just for engineering money and using big names to get audience too?

That being said, I believe they also wanted to bash "One More Try" but can't because Dingdong Dantes is part of the movie haha.


V-hive Live TV said...

A good and funny Movie but not for blockbuster.

Crystal Gale said...

Yeah, I know it's not for blockbuster but since the term "blockbuster" applies to the sales of the movie, that then applies to this one coz it raked so much money during its run in the cinemas :)

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