Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Review: Lower East Side Flats for Payless Shoe Source

Happy Tuesday everyone! :)

Remember my "2012 Hits and Misses" post? I have included there my favorite pairs of shoes this last year. I have always been a sneakers and flats kind of girl just because I love to walk and they are the most comfortable to wear. Early this year, my mom got me 2 pairs of flats from Payless Shoe Source as a gift and they are from the same brand Lower East Side

We love shopping at Payless because there's a huge variety of designs and I always find their styles unique compared to the ones sold in department stores. After breaking them in, they became my most worn shoes of the year next to my old Adidas sneakers.

Just look at the state of my shoes and they are only around 5-6 months old! My mom even complained that they look old already and I should buy new ones to alternate with these.


- Super comfortable! Perfect fit for my feet.
It is so hard for me to find comfortable ballet flats because I have wide feet and flats that I find in department stores were too tight on the toes. I think there's only 1 department store brand that I can wear most of their flats (Australian/Julia) but they don't have good quality soles as I destroy them within couple of months of use.

- Affordable. The prices for this brand ranges from Php500+ to Php700+ only. Same as the Australian brand but with much better quality shoes.

- Good quality! I have abused these shoes so bad but they are still intact. They just look old but they are still comfortable to wear.

- I can wear size 6.5 or 7 depending on the style so that gave me lots of options. Payless usually run out of size 7 designs so I'm glad to know I can also check out the 6.5 isle hehe.

- Cute designs to choose from! I have the urge to go and buy different ones just so I have a lot of pairs to alternate with on a regular basis...but the practical me can't comprehend that I need more~

- They are very versatile. I can pair these babies with anything on my wardrobe and that's one of the reasons why I got a lot of use with them. I can pair them with jeans, shorts, skirts and even dresses...both casual and dressy. And I am so happy that I get these 2 designs out of everything because they became my go-to shoes when I don't know what to wear.


- You really need to break them in so that the back part of your ankle won't get bruised anymore. I had used Band-Aids for the first month or two on that area because I get wounds from the friction. This is the same with almost majority of my shoes so it was no big deal for me but it might be to some.

- It won't be easy to ask someone to buy me a pair since I can either be a size 6.5 or 7. I need to be physically there to try them on personally to gauge which one fits me the best. This one is really both a pros and cons for me.

- Since they are flats, they don't give enough support as running shoes which makes them not that good for my problematic knees. 


I really really love these shoes! I will definitely repurchase the same style if I can find them again or I'll just go and get new designs to add in my shoe collection. These are the most comfortable ballet flats I own and they have great quality with affordable price tags. 

I definitely recommend them so checkout when you visit Payless Shoe Source next time you go there :)

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Askmewhats said...

Super hiyang naman kay Mr. AMW ang Payless Shoe Source as he already bought 2 pairs of Dexter shoes (impossible yang mapabili ng basta basta) :D I'm glad yours is comfortable, that's the most important thing!

Crystal Gale said...

Yeah, it's so hard to find comfortable shoes and affordable at the same time. Good for Keith to find shoes he liked too :)

jdbrink said...

if you get a pair of heel grips for your flats, it will help prevent the blisters. :) they are cheap and they really add to the comfort!

Crystal Gale said...

Hi jdbrink! Thank you for the advice. I will look for heel grips :)