Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Hits and Misses

Check out my "Hits and Misses" for 2012! 

I'll put a link if I have done a review for them already...BUT if there's no link, it means I will be reviewing it in the near future :)

*in no particular order*


1. Google Nexus 7 

This is the best 7 inch tablet ever! Super fast and responsive since this contains the latest android (Jelly Bean 4.2) on it's purest form. It can also play full HD videos, pictures and music plus i'ts a good ebook reader. There's also a lot downloadable applications (games, programs, etc) at Google Play. 

2. Allue Lip Conditioner
This is one of the best finds I had this year because it is very affordable and it works!

3. Artist Studio Brushes

Again, you can never beat the affordable price of these brushes AND you are getting high quality product at the same time. Definitely the best makeup brush to start your collection.

4. Payless "Lower East Side" flats

*sorry about the dirty appearance of the shoes*

These are my favorite pairs of flats. They are really comfortable and is built to withstand everyday abuse. Full review to follow as these babies need more attention :)

5. Lush Hair Duo: Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo + American Dream Conditioner

These combination is absolutely divine! Long lasting cleanliness and your hair will definitely smell great until your next wash. I will post a full review soon :)

6. Laser Hair Removal - Underarm

I got a gift coupon from Ensogo that entitled me 8 sessions of UA LHR for only Php3,000! I am done with my 8th session this month and I am just waiting for at least 5 weeks to gauge the result. Will post a more in depth review :)


1. Bench Jeans

Definitely poor in quality especially for the price.

2. The Face Shop eyelash curler

Oh my, I can't use this even if I have all the time in the world to be careful. The shape of the curler is definitely not a match for my eye-shape as it keeps on pinching my lids.

3. Skin Food Black Bean Eyeliner

This liner sucks big time! It is too creamy that even if you wait for it to set, you'll still get panda eyes after 1 minute. 

4. My Phone Cellphone

This has low quality...It's definitely a waste of money because even though it's cheap, it gets broken quite easily.

I can't get over the smoked scent and it didn't work for me either in controlling my dry scalp.

5. Ipanema FlipFlops

It's too flimsy to be comfortable to use for walks. It makes my feet hurt after an hour of walking so I still prefer my Havaianas over this one. 

6. Styli-Style 24hr Liquid Liner Pen

This dried up very fast. I believe this just lasted me 2-3 months..That's too fast and it's quite pricey too at Beauty Bar. 

Those are my Hits and Misses for the year 2012. All of these items are purchased and used this year and were tried extensively by yours truly before I decided which should go to which.

Thank you for dropping by!


Keeza Villanueva said...

famous n famous n yang artist studio brushes h. Will check on that nga. God bless! :)

Crystal Gale said...

Hi! Yeah, famous na nga. Always out of stock na sa Landmark eh. I was planning to buy back up brushes but they don't have stocks :(