Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gadget Review: Google Nexus 7

Happy Wednesday everyone! As I've mentioned in my previous post, I have purchased a Google Nexus 7 last month (November 28) and have been testing out every day so I can give a full objective review and I believe it's time :)

- 7 inches of touch screen
- Internal memory of upto 64gb (I got a 32gb)
- Android 4.2 - Jelly Bean
- Can play full HD videos
- Have a front camera for video calling
- Rubberized back panel for an easy grip
- Perfect companion for Google Play
- Made by ASUS for Google

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- Made by ASUS which have a reputation for making high quality and sturdy computers.
I need a sturdy and heavy duty gadgets coz I'm not the most careful. I am too clumsy.

- Very affordable. The 32gb only cost Php12,500 and a 16gb is Php11k which is a bargain for the specs, IMO. 

- 7 inches is the perfect size for me because:
              > can fit in any bags I have - purses, backpacks, pouches 
              > light enough to carry around
              > ebooks feel like I'm reading in a paperback

- The rubberized back panel is gorgeous and functional. 
It is not easy to get scratched and it helps in the grip so I don't worry of it slipping from any surface.

- This contains the latest version of Android (Jelly Bean) without anything over it so this tablet is fast and very responsive compared to other android in the market. 
It is also the first to receive any updates so you will always get the latest version.

- You can download any application you want through Google Play. 
Very easy to get around with due to the built in icons for Google Play, Chrome, Maps, etc.

-  HD video playback is superb. You can see the difference in the quality of the video if you turn off the HD.

- I liked how strong is the antenna for wifi is. It can get signals quite easily. 

- Ebook reading is great because it is not too heavy. I read for a long time so I'm quite happy that this doesn't tire my arms out like with the iPad.

- Battery life is enough for me. I just need to charge it at night everyday after reading, watching Youtube videos and playing games and music during the day.

- I liked the built-in speakers too coz it's loud enough without the need for external speakers :)

- Screen resolution is very good. Very high quality.


- Not expandadable in memory. You're stuck with the size you get.

- Does not have a rear camera so I can't take any pictures and upload it online. 

- It's quite difficult to find cheap generic cases for this. I bought a case at Divisoria last week for a 7inch tab and it doesn't fit perfectly since it is made for Samsung tab so the holes for the buttons doesn't match. Also, original cases are also hard to find =/


I love it to bits. The only thing missing that will make it perfect for me is a rear camera haha. BUT I still am giving it a perfect score because it meets all my needs and surpassed my expectations. Really the right decision for me :)

Thanks for dropping by!


J.A. Guevarra said...

Do you buy ebooks or just download it somewhere for free?

Crystal Gale said...

Hi! If I can find a free ebook, I download it but if I can't find a title I want, I buy it from a local seller for Php5.00 per title :)

dollar krishna said...

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