Monday, December 17, 2012

First post for December...full of updates :)

Look who's back! Me! Did you miss me? ^_~

BUT, technically, I still can't go back to blogging regularly (at least 2 posts per week) because:

1) our internet connection sucks...Bayantel DSL is doing it again. We have no internet connection since December 2 and when I called their tech support they asked me to check it without router first and connect their modem to the computer but I can't do that because our desktop is on the second floor and the modem is at the ground floor plus my laptop is still under repair. So, after I had my laptop fixed early last week, I immediately connected it directly to the modem and it worked. So we concluded the router is the problem because it doesn't send wifi signals. It's 4 years old already and we don't turn it off since everyone in the house uses it, so we really thought it crashed and it's time to replace it. So last week, my bro bought a new one and we have been trying to set it up for days but we still can't get internet from it. We asked a friend for help and it still doesn't send any signals so we thought we got a defective product. They decided to double check it with a different internet connection and voila! It worked with Globe Broadband! So the problem is not our router but Bayantel itself. It just keeps on rejecting any router we put. Final decision is to just switch subscription from Bayantel to Globe.

2) December is a really busy month for me. A lot of guests have been coming here in Manila and they love to stay with us. We had Japanese guests for a whole week (November 28 upto December 6) and my family is the one that entertains them 24/7. There's also a lot of Christmas parties and weddings and birthdays that I have attended to in the last couple of weeks that I've been MIA. I don't think these events will end anytime soon hehe so yeah I'm not sure if I'll have enough time to do a post.

3) My health is not at its peak right now. I think all the stress at work and the lack of sleep is taking a toll on my body. I got sick and I'm still having allergy cough until now. I also can't rest the whole night to recuperate fully because I'm feeding the kittens every 2 hours so I'm always feeling tired and sleepy these days. BUT I can't just let them starve so, yeah. I really felt like I have newborn babies with me haha... no regrets though  :)

4) And lastly, I have been enjoying my Google Nexus 7 tablet these past 3 weeks. I got it last November 28 and I have been testing it out everyday for reading, video, surfing the net, games etc. So far so good and I check my FB and Twitter there but it's hard to do a blog post using a 7 inches tablet so I didn't attempt it. I will do a review on this gadget soon :)

And those are my reasons why I have been MIA since November 30. I really hope everything goes well with the transitioning of our internet provider so that I can use my desktop to blog again because all the photos I took are there.. I have a lot of posts all ready to be uploaded so once everything settles down, I'll post one everyday :)

Thanks for dropping by! 


Askmewhats said...

Hi Gale, I know how PLDT line sucks too but it's still the best among internet providers (For now) as our company tested on different internet providers and PLDT won big time! Hay hope your internet is better na.

RE: Health, please take care of yourself ok? I know how hard it is if your health isn't at its peak! Kaya always think of yourself before others ! Happy Holidays!

Crystal Gale said...

Thanks, Nikki! Take care of your health too :)

I know, it's really hard to find good quality internet service here in our country. Thanks for the info :)