Monday, January 21, 2013

Review: Yves Rocher Mascara - Extra Volume

Happy Monday! How's everyone's weekend? I hope all of you had a great time! I really enjoyed the cold weather these past week especially in the early morning wherein you really can feel the bit of the cold air. I really really like for this kind of weather to be permanent haha :)

Today, I'm gonna review the Extra Volume mascara of Yves Rocher. I got a sample size one as a gift from my bf's sister last year and it took me a long time before I tried using it because I was using up another mascara at the time. So, I have used this everyday for a while now and I am ready to share my thoughts.

 Made in France
Here's the wand:
SHADE: 01 Noir


- Gives a very natural finish and nobody can tell I have mascara on my lashes. 
They are still flexible and it doesn't feel like I have mascara on so that's a plus. 

Here's a before and after shot of my lashes:

- Can be easily removed with eye makeup remover. I used cleansing oil.

- Volumizes very well but not over the top that it looks fake. Perfect for everyday use.

- Once you re-curled your lashes after applying the mascara, you can expect your curls to still be there even after 8 hours :)

- Doesn't clump.

- Doesn't smudge even if there's no "waterproof" written on the tube.

- Can be found on any mall that have Yves Rocher stores.


- This weighs down the curls of your lashes once applied so you need to re-curl your lashes after the mascara dried.

- This is not a cruelty-free product.


I really liked this product! I just hope it is a hassle-free mascara though. When I am on a rush, I don't have time to re-curl my lashes and it won't look good that way. Also, I hope this is a cruelty-free band so I can repurchase when my sample is done.

What's your favorite mascara? Share them on the comment section below :)

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Janet said...

Thanks for sharing, too bad it weighs down the curl. So far, my fav mascara is still benefit's ;)

Askmewhats said...

thanks for the review, haven't thought of trying out their mascaras!