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Review: The Romantic and Idol Season 1

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SHOW: The Romantic and Idol Season 1
AIRING DATES: November 11 - December 30, 2012

AIRING TIMES: every Sunday

2PM Jun K.
JJ Project JB
ZE:A Hyungshik
4Minute Jihyun
AOA Hyejeong
Fiestar Jei
Rainbow Seungah 

"The Romantic and Idol" is a spin off from a tvN show called "Romantic" which featured non-celebrity bachelors and bachelorettes looking for love. For the first season of The Romantic and Idol, they have decided to ban the managers of the idols and let them date for 4 days and 3 nights at the romantic island of Jeju.

According to the representatives of the show, they wanted this to become a reality show featuring idols dating and want them to show their real emotions without the interference of their managers.



Oh my gosh, I can't believe I'll like watching this show. I really waited every week for the episodes to get subbed by Kshownow because their English subtitle is the best. This is one of those Korean reality/variety show that you will really get into because they are never long winded. You'll know that the story will just spun for a couple of episodes so there's actually a lot of happenings per episode :)

You all know how I love watching We Got Married and this has the same feel as they both have celebrity casts getting together and pretending to be couples. The difference between the two is that with WGM, the couples have enough time to get to know each other first before having some sort of skinship, but with the Romantic and Idol, they only have 4 days and 3 nights and they get different missions like holding hands and back hugging to accomplish.. so it's a much faster paced dating show. They also have 4 choices in front of them and they will be able to date anyone depending on the result of the shuffle.

The pairing will be up to fate because they won't know which ones they will have a date with for the day until after they finished choosing-- there were shuffles everyday.

1) Necklace shuffle - the girls will choose one necklace each (prepared by the guys prior to the show) and whoever owns the necklace they chose will be their date for the day.

2) Clothes shuffle - the girls prepared a top for the guys to choose and the pairings will also based on who got which shirt.

I really liked the unpredictability because you'll never know who will be paired up with whom and if their feelings will change after changing partners. After watching the first season, I really believed it to be a reality show because it won't end that way if it's scripted.

I watched this at first because of 2PM's JunK. but I learned to appreciate all the casts after 1 episode. They are all very exciting to watch. This is definitely a fun show to indulge in every week.
I am now watching Season 2 and I am enjoying it too :)


This is a really fun thing to watch and I believe that whoever thought about this is daebak! It's a nice twist to the regular variety dating show shown in the TV. Can't wait to see more from this show! :)


I really hated JB after watching the whole 8 episodes. I liked him before this show but instead of endearing him to me with this participation, I ended up hating him and I don't think I'm the only one who got disappointed. I have read a lot of comments saying they were so disappointed with how JB acted and they got put-off with his attitude. I really didn't like how he treated Seungah, it was so immature and ungentleman. I don't care if he's young, because age is not a reason to disrespect someone. The guys in Season 2 is the same age as him and they treated the other girl with respect even though they don't like to have a date with them. I really hope no one will become the next Seungah in Season 2 because that girl really felt bad and alone that she cried due to sadness.

On a positive note, I really believe that Hyungshik-Jihyun and Mir-Jei got together after the show. You can notice that their feelings were real during the show and according to their members, they usually find those two grinning and too happy after going back from Jeju. Also, Hyungshik started learning how to drive so he can have his own car...Yeah, he is dating alright haha. An idol only gets himself a car if he wants to date so that he can hide it from his manager :)

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