Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review: Hada Labo BB Whitening Cream

Happy Tuesday! I am now ready to share my thoughts on the Hada Labo BB Whitening Cream. I have been testing this out since the first week of December 2012 and I have tried a lot of ways on applying it. I have also used it in both cold and hot weather just to compare :)

BRAND: Hada Labo
PRODUCT: BB Whitening Cream
SHADE: #1 
EXTRAS: sun protection (SPF 32 PA+++), whitening, moisturizing
NET WT: 45g
PRICE: sorry, I have no idea because this is a gift

I have decided to try this BB Cream because Hada Labo is a very famous Japanese brand for skin care. They are known for being gentle on the skin and basic on their ingredients. I am currently using 2 of their skin care products and this BB Cream, but for now, I will focus on the makeup first.


- This didn't broke me out or cause any allergies. Very mild to the skin :)

- Very light. You can hardly feel anything on your skin even if you applied a couple of layers.

- Buildable upto a light-medium coverage. Although if you have some acne scars, this won't be able to cover it. I tried it with my scarring and even if I apply a lot of layers, they still peeps through hehe.

- Blendable. I can easily blend this on my face using my fingers or a brush so you just need to use small amounts per layer.

- This have SPF 32 PA+++! Good sun protection for every day.

- Shade 1 is an exact match on me (I'm around NC 20-25 in MAC) because it has a slight yellow undertone.

- Doesn't make me oilier. I have naturally oily skin and this doesn't control it but at least it doesn't make me oilier at the end of the day.

- Even though this have a high SPF, it doesn't give me whitish cast on pictures.

- I love the squeeze tube packaging. It is so sanitary and gives me control in dispensing product.


- Like with the Tarte Smooth Operator TM, this oxidizes on me too. It gets 2-3 shades darker after a couple of hours so I can't really wear this alone if I plan to stay out a long time. I just mix it with my Tarte TM (1:1) for better oil control and apply a lighter shade of setting powder on top to counter act with the darkening that may occur.

- This is not brightening even though it has a whitening content. I love Korean BB Creams because they give a brightness to my face even though it's temporary but this don't do it for me.


I'm quite disappointed, to tell you guys honestly. I was hoping to be wowed as this is a well raved product and it is quite affordable so if I loved it I can easily buy another tube. But, I think I need to move on and find something new.

I'm not sure if it's just my skin acting up or the products itself, but even my Tarte TM that I have loved oxidizes badly on me now. I can become darker after 30 mins! Can you believe that? So if anyone of you have acidic skin and have found your HG foundation that doesn't oxidizes, please share them with me. I really need to wear full face makeup in my work so I need help asap. Thank you so much!



Janet said...

aww, sorry to hear that it didn't quite meet your expectation. I haven't tried this one but I have the air BB and it functions quite good =)

Crystal Gale said...

Hi Janet! I will try that then. I love this one but it oxidizes so bad on me :(