Thursday, February 21, 2013

WGM Update: KangYoon Couple

Just a quick update about my favorite couple of the show: Julien Kang and Yoon Se Ah.

I have refrained from posting about this earlier because I wanted to be really sure if the rumor is true. have a high tendency of putting up articles without any basis and then retracting them another day saying they got another report. So, with that being said, I don't trust any of their articles anymore like I used to.

KangYoon Couple have just had their "wedding" last week and I am happy that instead of waiting for a year before having a "wedding celebration", they did it on their 7th month. I also liked the fact that it was a traditional Korean wedding instead of just a wedding photo shoot because it made it so unique from the other couples since Season 1. I love love the wedding ceremony and the look the couple have on their faces. 

*photo courtesy of Unity Team Sub

The reason why I love these two the moment they entered WGM is that they act naturally and just let everything flow on their own. I also knew they interact with each other (publicly) even outside of filming which is not that common. I will often see them tweet each other every now and then and it shows they really did became friends. I love them on the show because they are so natural and comfortable together that you may really believe they are newly weds. I can even see them really dating in the future.

So I am quite sad when MBC producers confirmed that these two will be leaving the show soon. They don't have any exact dates yet and the couple haven't shot their last filming day but they are leaving. UPDATE: the couple just filmed their last episode this February 20th. Yoon SeAh even posted a farewell selca of them as a thank you to their fans.

I mean, why would they leave? Everything is running smoothly and I can't imagine WGM 4 without them. I can't take Kwanghee and Sunhwa's playing any longer so the only couple that will attract me will be Jinwoon and Junhee because they are just starting and I love Jinwoon. I am guessing either SeAh or Julien will be busy in the near future so they won't have enough time to shoot WGM.

Since Season3, having a "wedding photoshoot/ceremony" signifies that  the couple is gonna leave the show soon. I hate to give that connotation but it happened in a lot of previous couple just like with KhunToria and Goguma Couples. After they had their wedding photoshoot they announced they were leaving the show because of their busy schedules.

I think it is better to have the wedding photoshoot a lot earlier like in Season 1. At least fans of WGM won't get worried anymore :(

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