Monday, July 8, 2013

Movie Review: 4 Sisters and a Wedding

Happy Monday everyone! I was planning to write this post last night after the movie but I was so sleepy that I decided to do this today instead. I watched 4 Sisters and a Wedding with my family (and family friends) and we got home around 11pm already. All of us have the same reaction with the movie so I guess it's no wonder that this film already have Php120million under its name in just 2 weeks of showing in the cinemas.

TITLE: 4 Sisters and a Wedding
DIRECTOR: Cathy Garcia- Molina

STUDIO: Star Cinema
GENRE: Romantic comedy, family
This is a story about 4 sisters who united after many years of separation and went home to try and stop the wedding of their one and only brother CJ to his girlfriend of 3 months.  During the process of thinking a plan to accomplish their goal, the sisters were faced with their own personal problems.

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Toni Gonzaga as Theodora "Teddie" Salazar
Bea Alonzo as Roberta "Bobbie" Salazar
Angel Locsin as Alexandra "Alex" Salazar 
Shaina Magdayao as Gabriella "Gabbie" Salazar 
Enchong Dee as CJ "RebReb" Salazar

Connie Reyes as Grace (mother of Salazar siblings)
Sam Milby as Tristan (boyfriend of Bobbie)
Janus Del Prado as Frodo (co-worker of Teddie)
Angeline Quinto as Princess Bayag (fiancee of CJ)
Carmi Martin as Jeanette Bayag (mother of Princess)
Boboy Garovillo as Honey Boy Bayag (father of Princess)
Bernard Palanca as Chad (boyfriend of Alex)

I so freaking love this movie! I can't stop laughing since scene 1 until the end credits. And I can say that I am not the only one laughing my ass off because all of the audience in the cinema were laughing and clapping together. This movie is really a feel good movie because even though it is comedy, it's not full of corny jokes. I believe it really is due to the execution because the casts have comedic timing when delivering their lines so it's more effective. Toni Gonzaga and Carmi Martin were exceptional in their acting and they were so believable that I laugh every time they say a line LOL ~

And since this is a Filipino film, a crying scene is a "necessity" and the confrontation between the Salazar sisters are spot on. It made me cry (and my sis and mom too) because the dialogue plus the great acting made it really reach the audience's hearts. I myself were able to relate to Teddie because I'm the eldest and her concerns were like mine. I guess the relate-ability of the scenes were the main reason why people liked these too.

I really love Cathy Garcia-Molina's works because I never got disappointed in them. I'm looking forward to more films from her :)

On a side note, Sam Milby is so hot in this movie! Even though there are a lot of speculation about his masculinity, no one can deny he is gorgeous. I really can't remove my eyes from him during the film because his role fit him well even though it's just a supporting role. Just a little fangirling for an eye candy like him haha.

I really, really love 4 Sisters and a Wedding! I am so glad I watched it because it has everything I want in a film: comedy, drama, love story. It is so balanced that my emotions were able to follow the flow of the scenes from comedy to drama to comedy so I was able to go out of the cinema with a light heart. I really recommend you all watch it. It's really worth the money and the time :)

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