Thursday, August 15, 2013

Personal Update August 15, 2013

Hello! How's everyone? 

Well, I just wanted to drop by to tell you guys that I am still on the mend. I caught a very bad virus last week when I took care of my sick cousin for a day. I can't believe I'll get the same symptoms of productive cough, colds that turned into sinusitis and fever that lasts for days! I am still coughing right now but at least my chronic headache have already faded since yesterday and my asthma attack stopped too. I still can't stay in front of the computer that long though since my eyes get painful so quickly but hopefully I'll be able to blog soon. 

I was able to finish the drama Gu Family Book last week before I got sick and there are new book releases that I have to do reviews on. I also have a pile of products that I have already tested these past weeks/ months that I need to put up the review. So crossing my fingers, I'll be able to post everyday starting Monday just so I can catch up with everything.

So, yeah, please take care of yourself because there's a very strong virus going around since it's rainy season now. Love you all!


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