Saturday, August 3, 2013

Gale Reads: Magic Rises [Kate Daniels 6] by Ilona Andrews

Hello! How's everyone's weekend so far? I hope all of you are doing great :)

Guess what?! I was able to get an ebook copy of the newest Kate Daniels book! Yipee! I didn't expect to be able to read it in just 2 days after it got released because Ilona Andrews books don't get released here locally and I need to pre-order it through Powerbooks and then wait for 5 weeks before I can get a hold of the book. I am really so ecstatic about Magic Rises and I have been waiting for this since last year. 


OMG! This book is awesome! It was so full of action and surprises from start to finish that I easily got caught in the Kate Daniel's world and was unable to put the book down. I finished it in one seating and I am planning of re-reading all the books again while waiting for book 7. 

The husband and wife tandem really did a great job in this installment because everything flowed smoothly and all the scenes have an important part in the wholeness of the story. I think this is one of the best book in the series so far because the story itself with all the details involved made the reading experience so good. Everything is well described that I was able to visualize each happening and I also felt I'm part of their post-shift world. There was no dull moment because every time I turn the page something interesting is happening.

Ilona Andrews is so good in writing that I hope they could release more books. I am actually wishing that they could make a whole novel for Derek, Jim and Dali, and the other characters of the Kate Daniels Series because I really enjoyed the one they made for Raphael and Andrea in Gunmetal Magic

I'm really satisfied with Magic Rises. I can reread this book over and over without getting bored because I love how Ilona Andrews made it relateable even with it being an urban fantasy. I can't wait for the next installment in the series! I really wanted to see where Ilona Andrews will take this series because there's still 4 more books to be written (I think).

P.S. There's another Curran POV on their website and even though the writing is roughly made and in need of a proof reader, it was still a good read. I really hope Ilona Andrews can write more Curran POV because it gave a different view of what really went down and I so love reading Curran's thoughts hehe.

[Spoiler alert]

There were so many twist and turns in the story that I don't know what to expect anymore. I keep on trying to guess what's gonna happen next but I always get it wrong. I also loved the fact that Ilona Andrews showed a different side of the relationship between Kate and Curran. I almost believed that they're gonna separate for good because of what happened. But it made their relationship stronger so it's for the best. But I still got sad that there were casualties and not everyone got a happy ending. I know there will be more surprises for these characters and I am really excited to read them soon.  

Guys, this is a must read so go get a copy and read the whole series. I promise you all, you won't get disappointed because it's full of action and the storyline is great :)

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herroyalbleakness said...

Hi Gale! I'm always amused whenever I read your book reviews :) I often read boring ones (mostly technical books) kaya i sometimes want to read naman yung action-packed hehe.

Get in touch with us, we're planning to get together sana (minus one nga lang coz Crystal is in the US)

Crystal Gale said...

Hi! Arg, do try the Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews or the Guild Hunter Series by Nalini Singh if you want heroines that are warriors. Just tell me if you want ebook copies of these books so I can send them to you through email :)

I sent you a message in FB, nareceive mo? :)